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Jack Comino thorne Picture Theatre

submitted by Mary Comino on 21.01.2023

It's Mary Comino here, grandaughter of Jack Comino who owned the thorne picture theatre along with his wife (Panaytitsa) and their children Jim, Mary and Mannuel. I am Jim Comino's daughter and I have a sister Nancy and a brother Jack.  You may also have met my mother Win, who isn't Greek but embraced Greek cooking and the Greek language.  She is now 88 years old. Unfortunatley, Jack, Panayatitsa, Jim, Mary and Manuel have all passed on now.

This year I'm turning 70 and want to make my first trip to Kythera.  I think my grandfather Jack Comino was born in Alexandrathes and my grandmother Panayatitsa Comino (nee Travassaros) was born around Livathi.

I would like to be able to contact any relations I may have on my trip but am not sure where to start or if it's even possible. Any help you could give me about connections I might possibly have would be really appreciated.  As the generation that came from Greece have now all passed on, I'm thinking there might be a second cousin or some other distant relatives who might still live there.  I hope you can help me.  Kind regards Mary



submitted by
Anna Comino
on 10.02.2023

Hi Mary I am Anna Comino from Mackay QLD and I remember meeting a Jim Comino and his daughter Mary in Brisbane years ago (between 1977-1990?) and I am sure there was a picture theatre in their past. I thought it was in Aspley but I'm not sure; maybe they lived in Aspley at the time? Anyway the best way to find relatives is to know their Greek Nickname - "Paratsouhli" and their DOBs. Do you have any family other family names. Jack was probably Yianni and Panayiotitsa is a familiar term for Panayiota. I have been to Kythera a few times -- you can email me at [email protected]

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