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25411: John Nicholas Feros

submitted by Helen Feros on 02.01.2019

Does anyone know how to apply for a birth certificate or find a copy for a person born in Kythera 1912.

submitted by
Tina Tsakiris
on 13.01.2019

25434:I think Hora office is the place you can try otherwise get advice from your local Greek Embassy.

submitted by
Helen Feros
on 21.01.2019

25445:Thanks Tina. What/where is Hora office.

submitted by
Tina Tsakiris
on 01.02.2019

25457:Hora is at south Kythera near the castle and Kapsali. The office is situated next to the Greek banks at central square of Chora.

submitted by
Joshua Herne
on 06.09.2020

26788:Hi Helen, My reply is a bit late but I was wondering how you went with your search?

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