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Katsoulis Family Tree

submitted by Dee Papworth on 28.01.2016

I am hoping to locate further details of my great grandma and grandfather Corg and Ourania Katsoulis who were from Kythera. Can anyone help? My grandfather was Evangelos Katsoulis and I believe he had a brother called George. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

submitted by
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 28.01.2016

Hi Dee,
Do you have any other information about your grandparents? Katsoolis is a fairly common name. Most were from the village of Katsoulianika. My grandmother's sister, Kirani Chlentzos married a George Katsoolis but I have no information about him other than his name. Kirani was born in the 1870's and she and George had 5 children; Rigoula, Grigoria, Pascal, Dimitris, and Arete. Arete married Dimitris Sofios and one of their sons was Emmanuel Sofios the well known photographer on the island.
Do you happen to know the family nickname or "parachookli" That is very helpful in determining which branch you are related to. Also, as you may know, there are many variations in the spelling of the name. As you gather more information you might find the website of Telemachos Combis helpful. He has a tree of the Catsulis family from 1600s-1800's. Good luck in your search.

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