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John Stathatos

Kythera Photographic Archive

The Kythera Cultural Association is in the process of forming the Kythera Photographic Archive. The archive is devoted to preserving, restoring, studying and publishing Kythera’s rich photographic heritage, a substantial part of which has unfortunately already been lost through neglect and decay. The Archive collects original negatives, prints, glass plates and all photographic materials in general, making sure that as much peripheral information as possible is recorded about each image, but it also copies and digitises material which is made available on loan. Areas of interest include Kythera and of course all aspects of the Kytherian diaspora. The Archive’s object is to make the collection available to all interested parties, for which purpose images are filed, scanned and added to a database which we eventually hope to make available on the Internet. High-definition images can be provided, copyright permitting, for bona-fide research and publication purposes.

All donations of relevant photographic imagery, irrespective of condition, are of course welcome; in the case of cherished family heirlooms, we are happy to make copies and return the originals. You can contact us at the following postal or electronic addresses:

Kythera Cultural Association
(Politistiki Etaireia Kytheron)
P.O. Box 45
Kythera 801 00

[email protected]

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