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Kytherian family in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 26.10.2004

I am trying to figure out the last name of one of my grandmother's cousins. The cousin was Foto (_____) Panaretos. Foto corresponded with my grandmother from St. Louis. Names in this Kytherian family included Mina, Nikola, Vasiliki, Basiliki, and Foto.

Any ideas????


submitted by
James Gavriles
on 22.11.2004

yes, Dean, As I wrote to you . The last name was thought to be Feros, but in finding the marriage license by Foto's Grandson, the last name is Firopoulos.
Are there any Firopoulos relatives out there that can lend any info to the family?? Foto Firopoulos married my Uncle Alex Panaretos, and they imigrated to the United States. The records show that Minas Firopoulos imigrated to the US in 1916. Also there is some reference to Minas about being stranded in Kythera during the war and wanting to get back to Australia?

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