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submitted by Site Administrator on 23.02.2004

On January 27th, 2003, the book, "KYTHERIAN SURNAMES", written by the editor of Kythiraika newspaper, Mr. Emmanouil Kalligeros, was introduced to the Kytherian and Hellenic public. The book launch was held at a special exhibition, organised by the Association of Kytherian Studies, at the Centre of the Kytherians. Response to the launch of the book was so great that people had to be turned away for lack of seating space.

Mr Nikos Petroxeilos, the president of the Association of Kytherian Studies and the president of the Kytherian University Party, gave the introductory speech. The university professors, George I. Kasimatis, Pan. E. Vardas, George Leontsinis, Nikos Petroxeilos, Ms Efi Karpodini-Dimitriadi (General Manager of Delta-Singular Training), George P. Kasimatis and G.N. Nikiforakis, lawyer, spoke in glowing terms about the book. Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos, on a visit to South Korea, sent his testimony by fax, which was read by Nikos Petroxeilos. Mr. G.Kalos, V.Mixaloliakos and the writer Mr. K. Mourselas honoured the author and the Kytherian Centre, with their presence at the exhibition.

The speakers spoke about the importance of studying family names, and local history, and of the positive impact the publication will have on promoting the study of Kytherian history. The book contains a detailed study 256 Kytherian family names, many deriving from the 13th century. All speakers agreed that through the study of family names and the history of families in general, a strong sense of Kytherian history emerged. The book uncovered new evidence about the composition of the human-name map of the island, the main branches of which have not changed for the past 5-6 centuries.

All speakers agreed that Kalligeros's love of the island, and the Kytherian people, came through very clearly in the text of the book. The writing was an arduous labour of love - which lasted 16 years, between inception and publication. Emmanouil Kalligeros made it clear that the book, despite being almost 800 pages long, represented only a beginning. The invitation is open for new researchers to add, correct and bring new elements to this research.

Special thanks were directed by the Association and the writer to the committee of the Nicholas A. Aroney Trust of Australia, and Professor Manuel Aroney, for contributing to the substantial publishing costs. Manuel Aroney was also instrumental in inspiring Mr Kalligeros to proceed to finalise the manuscript, ready for publication.

English translation: The text of the book is in Greek. It was agreed that some means must be found to publish an English translation as soon as possible. A project to create an English translation is currently underway. Any person who can assist in this project please contact the kythera-family web-site team.

The book is available for sale in bookstores in Greece, and on Kythera.

The book can be purchased from the offices of the Kytherian Society, or directly from Emmanouil Kalligeros:

Ordering from Greece:
Emmanouil Kalligeros
Megistis 31 St.
Kalamaki 17455
Athens, Greece
mobile 0944641726.
25 euros each + 18 euros postage and handling.

Copies of the book can be purchased directly in Australia through
George C Poulos
42 Eastern Avenue
Dover Heights 2030  NSW
02 93888320
Cost $80
Delivery: Sydney Free.
Postage Rates within Australia for Kytherian Surname's Book
NSW $5.80, Vic & Qld $8.40, SA $9.00, Tas $10.80, WA $11.80

The book was introduced to a wider Australian Kytherian audience at the Karavitiko Symposium 2003. The universal praise of the book by all who perused it was that it was "a Kytherian Bible!" A book that just has to find its way into every Kytherian home.


George C Poulos, from information supplied by Emmanouil Kalligeros.

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