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Leslie James Comino - Bundaberg Queensland Australia

submitted by Leslie James Comino on 05.09.2003

It would be nice to hear from my Aunty Mrs. Andrew Comino late of Wee Waa NSW Australia and cousin Maria who left Australia and went to Kythera to live I beleive. Also another cousin Mrs Anna Coronios from Kensington, Sydney formally of Scone NSW. Also if anyone knew my Father Theodore Minas Comino of Perlenggianika who left there in 1922 to come to Australia.

submitted by
William Comminos
on 22.02.2005

Please allow me to intro myself, my name is William(Bill)Comminos from the US.The reason I am writing is that you metioned the name of Andrew Comino of Wee Waa NSW. I know of this gentleman and his wife Georgia.
So please indulge me and allow me to ask a few questions. Was your father the brother of Andrew Comino? Was your grandfather's name Minas? Did you father ever mention a half brother who lived in the United States? If you answer yes to these questions, then we are related.
I know it may sound strange, however my father and you may be 1st cousins. I will be more than happy to explain if you are interested. I can be contacted at [email protected]
Thank you for your consideration
William (Bill) Comminos
[email protected]

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