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Looking for Conomos relatives. Originating from Kythera/Kythira Island

submitted by Crystal Conomos on 26.11.2013

Hi my name is Crystal. I was born 1991.
My father is Michael (Mike) Conomos born 1950 in Australia.
His father is Michael (Mick) Conomos born 1922.
Looking for his father and other relatives.
Wanting to learn about my history, my family, who is out there and just general interest in family.

submitted by
Gary Conomos
on 29.12.2013

Hi Crystal
I am your Dad's cousin - Gary. I am responding to your message as I have previously made similar enquiries without much luck. You may also notice that our Aunty Ruby's son Greg Perry made similar enquiries also without much luck. There is a great deal of history assocaied with our branch of the Megalokonomos/Megaloconomos/Conomos family. I am aware of many of the events which lead to our parents travelling to and from Kythera and subsequently growing up in Toowoomba. If you are interested hopefully one day we will be able to meet and talk about what we have discovered as a family about our roots. Until then take good care and best wishes for the year ahead.

submitted by
Helen Souris
on 02.11.2017

Hi, my Grandmother was a Megaloconomos and I have a family tree on under Souris family tree. Perhaps you can add to it or find a link. I had my DNA done and it opened up a large group of 3-8th cousins. Hope this helps. You can email me on [email protected]

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