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Looking for my Lazzareti family

submitted by John Kingston on 13.03.2010

Hi everyone,
I am trying to track down my Lazzareti (also Lazarette/Lazaretti) family.
My Great grandfather (Alexander) was born in Crete (circa 1854) and his brother Dimitre (Demetrius) was born in Cerigo (circa 1856).
Their parents were Constantine (a solicitor) and Drusa (nee Carusa).

Any information on any of these names would be very much appreciated.

Likewise, if anyone knows of any living family members with the name Lazzareti (or close variation) in either Kythera or Crete, I would love to be able to contact them.

John Kingston

submitted by
Ellisanna Lazzaretti
on 09.04.2023

Hi demetrius was my family. He moved to the uk, married and his daughter is the mother of my grandmother... so your great grandfathers brother is my great great grandfather

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