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Looking for relatives of Nikolaos and Maria Bilikopoulos from Maramara

submitted by Maria Bilikopoulos on 10.12.2004

I decided to google our last name and came up with your site. My grandparents names were Nikolaos and Maria Bilikopoulos and they emmigrated to Nea Palatia, Attikis, Greece from Maramara, in I believe around 1915.
Apparently, some of their relatives moved to Australia. My father Dimitrios would be very interested in finding these people.

Please respond if you know of them or how the name Bilikopoulos ended up in your site. There are not too many of us, therefore my curiousity is peaked.

Thank You very much

submitted by
George Poulos
on 11.12.2004

Indefatigable researcher, Peter Tsicalis has informed us that between 1935-1938, in a small country New South Wales town called - Cudal - Ioannis George Bilikopoulos from Marmara, Propontidos, had the Renown Cafe.

I assume "Propontidos" was the family nickname or "parachoukli"? Is that the parachoukli of your grandparent?

Can we assume that your grandfather, Nikolaos had a brother called Ioannis?

submitted by
Maria Bilikopoulos
on 13.12.2004

Hi ...don't know what I hit, but think i sent an incomplete reply.
Anyways, my father believes that Ioannis is his grandfathers brother.
Propontidos is what the ocean (sea) was called around Marmara, Thalassa Propontidos, so it is not a nickname.

Apparently, he had 2 daughters (Evthokia and ?), we would very much like to find them...any ideas as to how we should go about doing so?

And I am still confused as to why our name is on a Kytherian web site...did my dads uncle marry a lady that was from Kythera?

Thanks..looking forward to receiving another father and his sisters and brother (my uncle and us live in Toronto, the sisters are still in Greece) would love to find their first cousins.
Thanks again

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