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Looking to get in touch with Fiona Cunningham

submitted by Susie Aylett on 20.05.2011

Fe Fe
I so hope you read this notice Board. It's Susie Aylett I hope you remember me from Heathrow !! I am living in Australia, have been for many years now. I saw a Doco on your beautiful Island...and I saw You with your Son, so I don't know your married name but so hope and will wait with baited breath to see if this message finds you. You looked wonderful, just the same my lovely friend. Hope this finds you and we can have a grand good yarn on Skype. Would love to catch up. Until then Be well Lots of Love & Hugs Susie Aylett xxxxxx

submitted by
Fiona Cunningham
on 02.12.2011

Hi Suuuuzzzzeee!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I can't believe this, and that you saw us on TV down under! Was that my son's baptism that you saw? You put this message out in June, but I was only emailed it this morning by a friend of mine in Kythira. I hope your bated breath will abate now after such a long time!!!! Thanks so much for making the effort to find me, that's very, very sweet. As it happens, I saw Pat and your niece at a car boot sale in Wimbledon a few months ago, and she told me that you were living in Oz. She told me to look you up on Facebook, but I'm averse to using it, so I didn't - and this is such a lovely surprise!! I'm now back in Wimbledon with my son, and trying to find my way here again. No more airport for me, no way! Get in touch Suze as soon as you can!!! My email is [email protected] and my telephone number here at my mum's is +44 208 946 9224. Can't wait to hear your voice and your news!!!! I haven't got Skype installed yet, but it'll be on my list of priorities now! I'm pretty useless on computers, can't even set up my printer!! I know it's not hard, but it is when you've got no idea!! Wow!! - still can't believe it! Now it's my turn to wait with bated breath!! Lots of love and kisses, Fi xxxxxxx

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