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Mavromati(s) - Family lineage tracers

submitted by MARIA CAPSANIS on 25.12.2020


Am seeking descendants of Stamata (nee Mavromati) B. 1845 Pitsinades, D. 1921 Logothetianika, who married Dimitrios Kombis B. 1840 Logothetianika D.1884 Logothetianika.

Can you help with tracing back the maiden name of Stamata’s mother Panagiota B. c1816? Panagiota, (no maiden name) was married to Antonios Mavromatis B. 1812.

Thank you

Maria Capsanis

submitted by
Beba Marantz
on 26.12.2020

Ya sas, my anticipatory apologies if my message appeared several times.I had forgotten how to use the Board. You should get in touch with one or the other member of the Aronis family, who own the the hotel in Pitsinathes, build on/in their house.. Around the seventies, their close neighbours were a couple named Mavromatis, I don't know how many family members there were. Kind regards and good luck to you. Beba

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