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submitted by Peter Trearchis on 09.11.2004

Has anyone ever heard of a Yiannis Melitas? I think he was a highschool teacher in Potamos. He is a first cousin of my grandmother Efrosini (Trifillis) Trearchis.

submitted by
George Poulos
on 10.11.2004

The resources that have been placed on the net at "kythera-family" have now become fairly extensive.

An internal search of "Melitas" as of 10.11.2004 provides us with 10 references, which will make a very good "point of departure" for future research into the Melitas family in Australia.

I know, that the Melitas brothers owned the original "Acropolis Cafe", in Gunnedah NSW, and as a permanent memorial, have a carpark named after them in that town. [Photographs of both Cafe and Carpark have been posted to the kythera-family site.]

Peter Tsicalas has provided information for other Melitas families.

submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 10.11.2004

Dean, I have given information to you before regarding the name Triarchis in Kythera High School. At the same time that Triarchis was at Hora High school a Mr.Yiannis Melitas was also there and he was a very good teacher.I know because my older brothers were taught by him.Unfortunately I can't ask them as they have passed away.I think he came from Peloponissos,near Neapolis "Agios Nikolaos". I will check to see if I have a photo of him.Again the best person for information is the walking Kytherian Encyclopeadia, Mrs. Eleni Harou-Koronaiou.Good luck. 11/11/04. Dean I must apologise to you. I had the wrong person in mind.This does happen when you get older.I understand that Melitas was a schoolteacher in Potamos and the person I was thinking of, was a Yiannis Mihaletos. I spoke yesterday with someone that was at school when Yiannis Melitas was teaching at Potamos.

submitted by
Constantin Melitas
on 22.12.2004

Yiannis Melitas was the brother of my grand father, Costas Melitas who left Kythera for Athens at the age of 16. I think that in totally were 7 or 8 brothers and sisters from the village of Melitianika. Nowadays, Yiannis Melitas is known in Kythira as “Yiannis the teacher” (ο δάσκαλος). I think that my father told me that Yiannis Melitas was a severe teacher.
And for the history, the museum of the castle says that the Melitas’ family was pirates and corsairs in the long past.
I wonder if somebody knows something about the origins of the name of Melitas, given that in Latin means “of Malta”.

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