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18687: Michael Stralek Photo’s, archives ,black –white sketches, and landscapes

submitted by Theo Megalokonomos on 02.03.2011

I like to put a posting on the message board of the Kythera -family. net asking any one out there who has copies of Michael Stralek 's prints and his original pictures.
His works /paintings are really National Treasures for the Kytherian society and they are decorating most of our houses and shops and Holiday cottages.
Can you please try and find and publish them at the Kythera- family. net ….any of Michael Stralek Photo’s, archives and those beautiful black –white sketches and landscapes he used to paint all over Kythera for years and years???
They are National treasures for the Kytherian Society. Also how & where else can we find anything from his valuable work for history recourses? Is there any information about him at all?
Thank you

submitted by
Neil Mcl
on 15.12.2011


I live in Australia and just brought a pen and ink work by Michael from a second hand shop. I was pleased to learn more about Michael and his work. Cheers Neil

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