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Moving to Kythera

submitted by Nicholas Marudas on 18.10.2004

Hello everyone! I am a decendant of the Samios family. My Grandmother was Maria Samios, wife of Peter Samios. My mother is Georgia Samios Marudas. We currently reside in Baltimore Maryland, USA. We will be moving to Kythera to start our family. We can't wait to start our lives there. We are learning to speak Greek now. Our dream is to live in a safer and beautiful environment. Please respond if you have any suggestions or comments. Thank you

submitted by
Georgia Pine
on 22.11.2004

Wow! That's quite a change! It's going to be a culture shock at first. You can't just go to the grocery store to get things. and the island is pretty isolated in fall-spring. I admire your pioneering spirit. Good Luck to you!

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