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Mrs. Grace Porter

submitted by Grace Porter on 12.09.2020

My maternal grandparents were Greek . I believe they were born in Smyrna  & emigrated to Egypt. My grandmother Angela Diacopoulou was born in 1883 & had 2 brothers Yianni & Anastassios & 2 sisters Eleni & Konstantina. She married Alexandros Mouratis & they had 10 children. The 6 surviving  siblings were Andonis Polycarpos Paulina Eudoxia (my mother) Eleni & ia. I was told that the Diacopoulou family originally came from Kythera. Are there any Diacopoulou famililies in Kythera who may be related to my grandmother's family or anyone who might know of a Diacopoulou family who emigrated from Kythera to Smyrna in the 19th century ?

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Kytherian Genealogy Project by Amalia and Kalie
on 12.09.2020

Not sure if I can help if she was born in Smyrna. Lots of Kytherians emigrated to Smyrna at this time. Do you know her parents names?

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on 19.01.2021

Hi Grace, Have several Diacopoulou family members born late 1790's. Feel free to contact me if they age the correct timeframe. Maria

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