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My name is Anita Martin, I am Searching for info. re my Kytheran Grandfather.

submitted by Anita Martin on 18.10.2012

In my endevour to procure my grandfathers birth certificate I am also trying to find the name of the town on Kythera where he and his family lived. His name was Spero Jim katsoulis.Born 1890 . He arrived in Aust. in march 1908/9 later followed by two of his brothers, Peter Demetrios and Theo. Peter spent some of his earlier years at coonabaraban, but Theo and Spero remained in Sydney where Spero worked at the Athenian club as a waiter for many years until his death in 1956. One of my earliest memories is of going there with him when we visited him in Sydney from vic. where we lived.Some of his other siblings were Stathis, Stamatoula(I believe maried John Bavea) and Efterpi. His parents who remained in Kythera were Jim(probably Demetrios) Spero and Stephanoola.( I would also like to know her maiden name.)Grand father refered to many people in aust as his cousins so I am very hopefull there will be someone who remembers him either here of on his beloved Kythera.I enjoy many hours searching your wonderful K F net, site and look forward to a reply.

submitted by
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
on 20.10.2012


Many people with the name Katsoulis were from the town of Katsoulianika near Logothetianika in the northern part of the island. Telemachos Combis has done an extensive tree on the families from Logothetianika and surrounding areas. You can see the Katsoulis (Catsulis) family tree from 1649-1799 here: ‎ If you are able to gather a bit more information on your great grandparents, you might be able to see where they fit on this tree.
Telemachos also wrote a book, in Greek, compiling the birth/death/baptism/marriage records of the people of this village. I have a copy. There are several entries for Dimitrios Katsoulis. There was one Spiro, but it does not appear to be your grandfather as his father was Giorgos.
Good luck with your research! My grandmother was from the nearby town of Christoforianika.
Feel free to email me if I can help in any way.
Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
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