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Nicolas Stathis

submitted by Darlene Thornton on 02.02.2016

Hello I am his granddaughter and I have been looking for details of his life and family on Kythera. He left and migrated to Sydney Australia in 1923. In his application for Naturalisation, he stated that his father was named John Stathis and that all family came from Kythera. He also stated that he served the military for 5 years before leaving. So where would I be able to find his birth/baptism record, military record and record of his departure?

Anyone here related to him at all?

He died in Queanbeyan, leaving behind a family of 8 (7 kids), ran a milk bar at the top of Crawford St, Queanbeyan from 1935 to 1952. He was involved with having the Orthodox church setting up in Canberra.

Just wondered if anyone would know a bit about him, travelled with him on Hobson Bay in 1923, etc.


submitted by
Tina Tsakiris
on 21.02.2016

Hi again

I found Barbara Stathis on Facebook and she went to Deaf school in NSW and has facebook friend (probably related too) with George Stathis from Queanbeyan. That might be a good start I think. Goodluck again. Tina

submitted by
Darlene Thornton
on 06.08.2016

That Barbara Stathis is my mother, thanks, Tina. I am trying to find more details about Nicholas Stathis, where he would have done and who he worked with, developed his skills as a confectioner as he must have built up on those while he was in Australia and ended up with his milk bar in Queanbeyan. He did lived in Tumut for few years. Thanks

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