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6290: Panaretos Family in Greece, Australia, USA

submitted by Peter Trearchis on 11.01.2005

I am trying to get as much info as possible on any Panaretos family trying to either connect as many as I can or to fit my great-grandmother Mary Panaretos (b. 1860's) and her sister Erifyli into it. Any info anyone has on any Panaretos family would be great to add to my data.

Dean Trearchis

submitted by
Paul Marselos
on 24.01.2005

6377:In reply to Dean Trearchis,re Marselos/Panaretos connection.
I can only tell you that my grandfather Peter Marselos b.15sept.1898, Keramouto,Kythera,arrived in Australia 24sept 1913, on the "Caledonian",with his uncle.I do not know the name of his uncle,but I do know that Peter Marselos had 6 sisters,and he was the only male child.I remember that he had relatives in Egypt and America.I hope this may be of help.
Paul Marselos
Gisborne.New Zealand.

submitted by
Pamela Moutzouris
on 05.04.2005

7041:My father was Menas Psalidas (1906-1955) who came to Australia in 1828 and married Stamatina Frilingos (1916- present) here in 1935. Menas Psalidas was born in Potamos, Kythera. My mother remembers that my fathers mother (ie. my grandmother) was Maria Panaretos. She had a sister Helen Zaglas and two brothers who all lived in Greece.

Maria Panaretos’ children included my father Menas, Leo Psalidas, Panagiotis Psalidas, Ourania Gouzely, Katerina and two girls who died at 13 and 20 years of age respectively.

I hope this helps in your search for your family history.

If you need to contact me my email address is

Anne Moutzouris, Coogee NSW Australia

submitted by
Daniel Panaretto
on 09.03.2020

26247:I know this is 15 years late but hi, I'm Daniel Panaretto, my Great Grandfather changed the family name when they moved to Australia back in the late 1900's. This website was made exactly 1 day after me and my twin were born so this is kinda ironic. If u want to contact me (I highly doubt it) It's

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