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Panayiotis Eleuterius

submitted by Ferrell Morris on 11.08.2015

I am looking for any information about my great grand father. I believe he was born in Kythera around 1815 he had a sister named Sterula. I am not sure about the spelling for Eleuterius. The name could have been changed from Letherius. Any help you can give me. Thanks

submitted by
Charles Athousis
on 30.08.2015

Sounds a bit like a typical Cypriot name;
(essentially having two christian names, one used as a name the other as a Surname
Without being certain, the surname should be pronounced as
full name: PANAYOTIS ELEFTHERIOU essentially meaning:
Panayotis the son of ELEFTHERIOS (Lefteris) in plain language

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