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Pastos/Andartes Family from Milopotamos

submitted by Susan Dritsas on 15.05.2005

My name is Susan Dritsas and I am trying to verify the family history of my mother-in-law, Barbara Dritsas, nee Andartes. The family orignally came from Milopotamos and the family name was Pastos. Her paternal grandfather Ioannis Pastos allegedly earned the nickname 'andartes' while fighting in Crete circa 1860, and part of the family subsequently changed their name from Pastos to Andartes. Would love to hear from anyone who has any info on the Pastos family.

submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 20.05.2005

Susan, according to the book "Kytherian surnames"by Emmanuel Kalligeros ,editor of "Kythiraika", the name Pastos in Milopotamos was a nickname for the family of Megalokonomos. It is not known when the name Pastos was used as a surname.It was known that the family of Megalokonomos-Pastos from Milopotamos,were involved with boats of some sort. In 1855 a Kosmas Koronios-Pastos has a fishing boat called "Panagia Myrtidiotissa" and at 1846/7 a Stavris Pastos owns a yacht. At the biginning of the 20th century there was a Basilis Pastos gynaecologist in Athens as well as Iakovos Pastos whose name is mentioned in the church service of "Myrtidiotissa"
I recomend this book to anyone wishing to find out more about their roots.To purchase, email : [email protected]

submitted by
Peter Makarthis
on 21.05.2005

The 'Kytherian Idea' published a telephone directory of Kythera and four "Pastos" are listed 2 at Hora and 2 at Milopotamos
Peter M

submitted by
Olivia Pastos
on 08.11.2016

Hi, My last name is Pastos and I know my extended family came a while ago from Kythira, Greece. Please respond if you read this. Best

submitted by
Susan Dritsas
on 18.11.2016

Olivia, my husband is related to the Pastos family through his mother. I believe a branch of the family emigrated to Australia - is that where you are based? If you can give me the name of your family member who emigrated I might be able to give you more information.

submitted by
Olivia Pastos
on 06.04.2018

Susan, wow! Sorry I am just now responding. I grew up in Alaska with my family there and now live in Washington. My grandpa's name was Gus Pastos.

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