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Photographs of Kytherian cinema owners and operators?

submitted by George Poulos on 04.11.2004

One of Kevin Cork's laments in Chapter 7, Picture Gallery, of his Ph.D thesis - is that he could not find photographs of:

ARONEY, Emanuel (c1890 - 1972);

FEROS, Panayiotis (c1890 - 19.12.1954);

PSALTIS, Georgeos (c1900 - c1970s)

"Unfortunately, it has not been possible to find any photographs of the three men".

[The same seems to apply to:

BLYOS (Chlentzos), Constantine (20.2.1895 - 5.5.1971]

When I visited the Bingara Theatre, just prior to its official launch - the adminstrator of the Theatre revealed that she too could not manage to find any photographs.

I am certain such photographs exist, and hope that descendants of the above, will eventually post those photographs to kythera-family..

submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 08.11.2004

Regarding BLYOS (Chlentzos) the name is Con BYLOS who was married to the late Mr. Nick Lourandos's sister at West Wyalong N.S.W. They had a son Peter who has also passed away and a daughter,also passed away. Mr Bylos was personaly known to me.

submitted by
Peter (Panagiotis) Prineas
on 19.05.2005

The families of Peter (Panagiotis) Feros and Emanuel Aroney have offered photographs of these men (and their partner George Psaltis) to the Roxy Cinema management for display at the 70th anniversary celebrations next year, and for permanent exhibition. I am writing a book about the life and times of my grandfather, Peter Feros, which will cover the Roxy episode and include photos from that period.

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