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Kristina Williamson

Please Help-Photographer applying for Fulbright Grant to photograph in Kythera

Hello! I am a 23 year old photographer living in New York City, who is currently applying for a Fulbright Grant to photograph in Greece.
The project I am proposing will focus on Kythera. My work for this project is to photographically document the lives and environments of those who, during periods of mass emigration to AU,US,etc., chose to remain in Kythera and what their lives are like now amidst the changing environments around them (continued modernization, increased tourist development, real-estate boom..) My aim is to develop a comprehensive series of photographs depicting life in Kytherian villages today and what aspects of their traditional life remain intact and intermix with more modernized values. I hope that this project will serve as a visual record of Kythera during this time of change and the images created can be archived in Kythera for future inhabitants + visitors, as well as be exhibited in the locations where many Kytherians have emigrated to over the years (Sydney, NYC, Athens etc...)

I am asking for the assistance of any Kytherians willing to offer their help and/or support of this project.
The areas that i could use assitance in are as follows:
1)Anyone willing to help me establish contacts, introduce me to people in villages (once i am in Kythera), suggest locations to photograph, or just be a friend etc...
2)Anyone interested in helping me with Greek language, either tutoring , or translating...I would be more than happy to barter, perhaps i could take portraits of you and your family, weddings etc..
3)It is necessary for my application that I establish an affiliation with an educational, cultural or government institution in Greece. This would require a letter from the institution stating their support of my project and willingness to help me carry it out...My deadline is Oct 13th!! so sooner the better with this.
4)Any galleries, cultural centers etc, (both in Greece as well as other countries) that may be interested in exhibiting my images of Kythera or perhaps include a book of my images to have on view or in their archives etc.

Thank you very much to anyone willing to offer their help and/or suggestions to me.
I can be contacted at [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kristina Williamson

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