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submitted by Bradley Willis on 05.08.2010

Hi to all. My name is Brad and I live in Queensland, Australia. I am visiting the great islandof Kythera at the end of August 2010. My great gradfather was born in Frilingianika in1895. In Australia he went by the name Jack Theodore Andonara. As per his Aust. electoral roll details, his father was Theodore Andonara and his mother Athena Maverotis. He arrived in Aust. in 1910. I would greatly appreciate any information regarding my great grandfather. My wife and I are visiting with her parents for three days 27-29th August if anyone would like to meet or has some accomodation available please email the address above. We can't wait to enjoy a local beer and a wine while soaking up the sun and heritage of Kythera. Thanks Brad

submitted by
Gaye Hegeman
on 05.08.2010

17908:Hi Brad, One of my grandfather's best friends was Con John Andonara who owned a cafe in Albert Street, Brisbane. We used to call him Mr. Con. He migrated around 1907. He passed away long ago but has a nephew, Steve Samios who lives at West End. Hope this may be of help.

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