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submitted by Len Eaton on 15.06.2011

George and Heraklia Protopsaltis of Spit Junction in Sydney were a great part of that community. I knew from working nearby at Line & Co, a small department store. My younger (late) sister worked in their café as a waitress, we were made to feel more a part of their family than customer and employee.
Both George and Heraklia were short in stature, but had a large heart. Their most favourite breakfast or snack was hot buttered toast with grapes and piccorino cheese…I got to love it.
They had a daughter and a son at school, sorry but have forgotten their names. though I recall the boy attended Mosman Prep. Their home overlooked Middle Harbour on the lower side of Spit Road neighbourhood.
They were good customers of Ted Line’s store, loved a good yarn and were certainly the most friendly people I have ever known. Would certainly like to know how the two children made out in life.

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