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Protopsaltis/ Protos,Mazarakis/Mazarick family

submitted by Melanie Scinto on 01.04.2005

I have recently put what I have of our family tree on this website. I am still adding information. If any family has corrections or additions please contact me.
A lot of our family came from Hora & Metata. Most settled in N. Vandergrift, PA & we have moved all over the place from there.
Melanie Scinto

submitted by
Karen Mantzouris
on 21.04.2005


My sister, Maryann, has been so excited about this site that I've finally taken the time to register and join in. My grandfather, Mike Mazarick, was just as Maryann described.

I can really appreciate what I learned from my grandfather as a little girl since I married into a Greek family (although my mother-in-law is can guess which was the dominate nationality in that relationship!)

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