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Samios boxing troupe from Greece 1920s in Sydney

submitted by Kae Bright on 21.12.2019

looking for info on a boxing troupe from Greece to Australia in about 1920s. SAMIOS was one of the fighters or maybe even a manager.

do not know his first name but he came to Australia to do boxing shows and married a Sydney girl and they had 3 children. They separated later and I believe he ran a cafe or restaurant on the harbour. I understand he died after living his later life in an old people’s home in Sydney.

one of the children was my dad and I am trying to trace his birth father. My dad Keith is now dead so cannot ask him.

any snippets or clues would be helpful.


my address is

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Lillian Bradley
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submitted by
Harry Mitchell
on 23.12.2020

Replying to Kae Bright's post about Samios the Boxer. I expect it might be George Samios, married to Vetty Samios, living in Perth. Best contact Vetty's daughteer Tina who may be able to provide more details.

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