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Samios relatives search

submitted by Stavros Samios on 17.09.2003

My grandfather Stavros left Kythera for Smyrna around 1900, with wife Victoria. In 1923 he went to relatives in Egypt and then moved to Sudan,where he died around
1940.He had one child only Alexandros.I very much like to know if there are any living relatives.
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submitted by
David Samios
on 21.09.2005

I believe we may be related. My name is David samios and I live with my wife ind children in Charleston, South Carolina. My great grandfather, Anastasios Samios was born in Kythera. He was one of eleven children. I own a book that talks about our family history and it mentions a Samios member that moved to Egypt and was a very successful business man. I will have to pull my records out to find out who it was that moved to Egypt. Please contact if you have any information.
David Samios

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