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submitted by Lee Lontis on 20.03.2004

Hello I am trying to find information about my grandfathers family.The only information i have is his fathers first and last name which is Theodore Leontarakis and that he may have served in the Greek navy. Any information about family still there and exactly which village he grew up in would be greatly appreciated.If you could leave a message or contact me directly at I would be extremely grateful.

submitted by
Peter Makarthis
on 27.07.2005

Dear Lee,
I have not had a lot of success in tracing much about your papou Theodore Leontarkis however I was able to locate the name Leontarkis in Greek LEONTARAKHS from current a Kytherian directory. There are several Leontrakis listed in the village of Fratsia.
I will be in Kythera during October and I will make some enquiries on your behalf.If you have your papou's fathers name and if possible a nickname they are valuable clues when searching. The name Leontarakis has on occassion been changed to Londy.
Was your papou naturalized - I have not been able to locate his naturalization in the National Archives. You may find some clues to his past from his death certificate.

Please feel free to phone me on 02 67248202 a/h

Best wishes in your search
Yia Sou

Peter M

submitted by
Ioannis Leontarakis
on 24.08.2005

Hello from Greece
my name is Leontarakis Ioannis and i am living in Veroia Greece. My family came of course from Kythera island and my father says that there is no Leontarakis in the hole world that is no relative to us.
well i recently saw the web page and your message
A few years ago during a joyrney that we had in kythera we met someone that his name is Theodore Leontarakis. He might know many things although he was very aged (80-85 years old) My father has his telephone numbers and he met his sons and daughter, so if you want i can give it to you.
the one we met is relative to us, if he is to you too then... who knows we can be cousins or so

submitted by
Renee Wallace
on 28.02.2011

hi my name is renee wallace and my pops name was harrold lontis and his father was theodore leontarakis, my grandfather just recently passed and we are trying to search for his family history and distant relatives and i think we are talking about the same people. we would love to know as much as possible. please contact me on or i will check on here regularly.

submitted by
Rebecca Messina
on 25.10.2014

Hello also---from another Leontarakis. My father Michael was born in Fratsia. My grandfather was a priest Fr. Kosma Leontarakis. He had six children. Three sons came to America in early 1900. I wish you good luck in your ancestry search. I definitely agree with the reply from Peter M. We all have Deep ties to the Kythera and so many from village of Fratsia are related. The name Ted, unfortunately hasn't shown up yet on my family tree. Rebecca L. M.

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