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Searching for information about Politis family

submitted by Alison Stapleton on 16.06.2005

I am looking for information about the family of Alexander Politis who was born on Kythera in 1895. His parents were Diana (Rothiti) and Mina. His brothers were Theo, George(Michael?), Jimmy. Upon arriving in Australia they first settled at Werris Creek then later moved to Sydney or Wollongong

submitted by
Dean Coroneos
on 26.07.2005

There are two internet resources that may prove helpful to you.

1. The Ryerson Index, which is an index of death notices and obituaries which have been recorded in a large number of Australian newspapers.

[For the background history of the site see July 26th 2005 entries at History, subsection, General History.]

To locate relatives resident in Australia, use the Australian White Pages Online:

Searches are available at this site for every area of Australia.

submitted by
Alison Stapleton
on 03.08.2005

Thank you so much for this information. I have been able to find out other info through old documents belonging to extended family members. Will keep looking! Regards!

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