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seeking information and family history

submitted by Michael Andronicos on 04.12.2003

hello. I am Michael Andronicos. My family originally comes from Kythera, also my grandfather is Charles Andronicos. My family originally established "Andronicus" Coffee some many decades ago, and I am seeking information about my family and ancestors of that era. If you have any information or suggestions which may help me with my research, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank-you very much
Michael Andronicos

submitted by
Peter Tsicalas
on 06.12.2003

You might get a few clues from the book ‘The Perfect Cup: The Story of Coffee’ by Keith Dunstan and Sue Fairlie-Cuninghame. It was commissioned and published by ‘Andronicus of Castle Hill’ in 1989. Chapter 8 gives the Andronicus family history.

submitted by
Michael Andronicos
on 07.12.2003

could i find this book at a local library? anyway thankyou for your help

submitted by
James Gavriles
on 26.12.2003

Michael, what country are you in?? I remember good family friends with my family here in Detroit with the last name of Andronicos. They may have been related to you?? Do you know if any of your family ever lived in Detroit?
Merry Christmas,
Jim Gavriles

submitted by
George Mallos
on 20.01.2004

Hullo michael
My name is george Mallos and my mothers maden name was an Andronicus from kithera.
If you want email me and I'll see if I can help you trace your /our family tree.
George Mallos

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