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St Spyridon Church

submitted by Rebecca Messina on 13.11.2015

Is there a photograph/image of St Spyridon Church on Kythera island. If so, which town or village is it near and will you post image if one is available. Thank you

submitted by
Emmanuel Vlandis
on 20.11.2015

Hi Rebecca,

St Spyridon is located in the village of Kalokerines, where my family is from. I have uploaded some images into the 'Villages and Towns' tab for you to look at. If you need any other information let me know.

Cheers Emmanuel

submitted by
Rebecca Messina
on 23.11.2015

Oh thank you so much mr. Landis
I am so interested in this church. My grandfather (Kosmas Leontarakis) was the priest who shot Langoneris way back -- around 1909. Do you know the story? His house still stands in Fratsia, and now I am happy to, learn the. Church also still exists. The images will be very dear to me. Thank you again. Best wishes to you and yours. Rebecca

submitted by
Emmanuel Vlandis
on 23.11.2015

Hi Rebecca, Your Grandfather saved a lot of people that day.

My Grandmother was eight years old and playing in the street when Langoneris walked passed her on the way to the church.

submitted by
James Victor Prineas
on 26.11.2015

I don't know the story regarding "Langoneris" - please tell!

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