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The Kytherian Hospital Appeal

submitted by Site Administrator on 07.08.2003

We are fortunate indeed to have a Hospital in Potamos that serves not only the local residents but also visitors from abroad. It is consoling for Kytherians and visitors to know that urgent medical support is available when needed. The Hospital however is desperately short of equipment and a committee of volunteers has been formed to rectify the situation and raise the money needed. All funds raised will go directly to the manufacturers that supply the equipment.

The committee consists of Peter & Chrissa Vlandis, Dr Mitchell & Bente Notaras, Theo & Rene Feros and John & Tina Kass.

Funds have already been raised to purchase a Biochemical and Blood Analyser for the hospital. It has now been recognised that the Hospital is in desperate need of an ULTRASOUND as the present machine is hopelessly outdated.

Kythera has become a very popular holiday destination with visitors from Australia and elsewhere, mostly of Kytherian descent. Many are restoring family homes. Unfortunately we are an aging population, residents included. Please keep in mind the person you may be helping or even saving could be yourself, a family member or a relative.

It is hoped we can purchase further equipment to improve the standard of care and treatment at the hospital. Any donations will be used for this most worthwhile cause. For information on how to donate please email A receipt will be issued upon request. No equipment will be ordered or paid for without committee approval.

We firmly believe this appeal for the Hospital is most worthwhile and hope that all Kytherians will give it their consideration and support.

Thanking you on behalf of the committee,

Theo Feros and Peter Vlandis

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