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To the Tzannes'

submitted by Christine Pateros-Nowak on 01.05.2005

My name is Christine Pateros (-Nowak). I see the Pateros name hyphenated with the Tzannes name. Are we the same family? I can get further family history from my father. I am 41 and live in Oak Park (Chicago) IL and look forward to finding my family!

submitted by
Spyro Calocerinos
on 06.05.2005

Christine, according to Emmanuel Kaligeros' publication "Kytherian surnames", the name Pateros appears in Kythera for the first time in 1664. It was common in Antikythera and Crete. In 1690,the Venetians in Kythera gave permission to Giorgo Pateros from Crete to transport goods on his ship to Monemvasia. Today,(according to Emmanuel Kalligeros) there are no families in Antikythera with the name Pateros and there is only one family in Kythera, the wife and daughter of the late and my good friend Nikitas Pateros who was the customs officer in Monemvasia for a number of years and then retired in Kapsali Kythera where he passed away some years back.There are around ten families with the name Pateros in Chile whose roots are from Antikythera.
P.S I recomend this book to anyone interested in finding information about their name.
7th May 2005. Today I was told that the family Tzannes that came from Livadi Kythera and was in Armidale NSW for a number of years, had the nickname of Pateros. There is another family from Agios Ilias Kythera with the name Tzannes but their nickname is Balas.Best known is Periklis Tzannes a very well known doctor in Greece

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