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submitted by Krystalia Bolovitsiotis on 16.03.2005

My great grandmother was Panagiota Tsirigoti. She married my great grandfather Yiannis (b. 1850) and lived either in Malta, a small village in outer Mani or Polovitsa, a small village on Mt. Tayetus near Potamia and Xirokambi. Eventually the family ended up in Agios Ioannis near Mystra. Panagiota and Yianni had 9 children. The family last name became "Bolovitsiotis" or "Polovitsiotis" after moving to Agios Ioannis from Polovitsa. Unfortunately, I do not know what our last name was while the family lived in Polovitsa and Malta. If anyone knows of my great grandmother Panagiota or believes they may be related in some way - please contact me at:
also, please view my family tree page at:

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