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Vlantis - the African family branch

submitted by Alexander Vlantis on 26.02.2004

My grandfather, Emmanuel Vlantis, emigrated from Kythera to 'Rhodesia' in the early 1900's and married Emerenstia. He had five childen. Menalos, Calliope, Cleo, Hester and Christian. I am Alexander Vlantis, the eldest son of Christian Vlantis. All seven of these members had the surname Vlantis. I would be very grateful for any information about this extended family

submitted by
Kiriaki Orfanos
on 08.03.2004

Do you know if your Grandfather came from the village of Kalokairines, because the surname Vlantis / Vlandys, is very common there. Our grandmother was Marika Vlandys. Her father's name was Panayiotis Vlandys. My grandmother used to say that her family came from the 'Fossa' an archway behind which were some houses. She had two sisters, Fofo and Tasia and two brothers, Sarandos and Ioannis.
Cheers, Kiriaki Orfanos, Sydney

submitted by
Marina Stamboulieh
on 20.07.2010

Alexander - I am searching for information on my maternal grandmother whose name was Calliope Vlandis. She married my grandfather in Alexandria, Egypt, most likely in the 1930's. Is there any chance she might be Emmanuel's daughter?

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