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Because Kythera was settled in such a way that a few dozen original families spawned the majority of present-day Kytherians, almost every branch of every family had a "nickname" to distinguish it from that of others with the same surname.

The nicknames were sometimes simply the genitive form of a christian name (e.g. "Dimitrelou") or derived from the profession of an ancestor (e.g. "Miliotis" = "Miller") or even describe a physical attribute (e.g. "Koutsaftis" or "Tarzan").

This is the section of the website where you can view the island's nicknames and read about which surnames they are associated with and hopefully where they came from as well.

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2567:People > Nicknames

submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Yaloupos" - Peter Venardos - Ayia Anastasia, and Gunnedah, NSW, Australia

The parachoukli of Peter Venardos, born in Ayia Anasatasia, Kythera, who has lived most of his life in Gunnedah, NSW, Australia, is - "Yaloupos".

The parachoukli derives from the word yala indicating that an ancestor was involved with milk collection and/or distribution in the past. (Perhaps the milking of goats?)

2565:People > Nicknames

submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Broulyotis" - Panayoti Zantiotis - Ayia Anastasia - Gunndedah, NSW, Australia

The parachoukli of Panayoti Zantiotis, (deceased), was - "Broulyotis".

Panayoti was born in Ayia Anastasia, and owner of the Busy Bee Cafe, Gunnedah, [See entries in Photography Diaspora - subsection, Cafes and Shops], for many decades.

His wife "Loula" does not know the meaning or derivation of the parachoukli.

Can anybody advise us of its meaning and derivation?

2491:People > Nicknames

submitted by George Poulos on 05.11.2004

"Angelstavo" - Zantiotis - Ayia Anastasia.

The parents of former in/famous Double Bay (Sydney, Australia) optometrist - Steve Zantiotis were Andoni and Erophili.

Andoni's parachoukli was "Angelstavo" - "Angel-steve" - and Erophili was a "Belo" Coroneo from Potamos - a name which has already been cited in the "Nicknames" section.

Steve is uncertain [Steve uncertain about anything....who would believe it?] - as to how this parachoukli arose.