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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins (1968-)

This is where people of Kytherian decent who have contributed to their community in an extraordinary way will be featured. They need not be "famous" is the usual sense of the world, simply extraordinary.

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People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Stephen Samios on 25.03.2007

Honorable Judge Nick Samios

Appointed to the District Court of Queensland on the 21st August 1998.


Judges Chambers
District Court of Queensland,
PO Box 167,
Albert Street Queensland. 4002.

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submitted by Peter Vanges on 26.02.2007

Mrs Mary Panaretos, Mrs Agapi Lianos nee Kominos [Comino], and Miss Stavroula Lianos [the daughter of George and Agapi Lianos].


[Picture: 10th December 1902.]

The logical sequence to my research on the “First Kytherian" [man] to arrive in Australia, is the endeavour, to furnish the answer to the question of who was the first “woman” to undertake the long journey down under.

Anyone involved in research of this nature knows that the task is time consuming and not always rewarding, as names are in many instances illegible, ...

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submitted by Belyando Shire Council on 05.02.2007

Peter Freeleagus

Born in Brisbane 05/03/1960

Mayor - Belyando Shire - elected March 2004

First elected to council in March 1997. Appointed Deputy Mayor in 2000 and appointed Mayor in August 2003.

Council appointed committees: Belyando Shire Tourism Committee; Belyando Shire Counter Disaster Committee; Belyando Shire Locust Committee; Nebo/Broadsound & Isaac/Connors Land & Irrigation Study Stakeholders ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Steve Frangos on 29.11.2006

Athanasios & Theodore Combis

The Grecian Gladiators

Steve Frangos, c. 2005

Little is recalled today of the various Greek immigrants who worked in American vaudeville. Chance references in archival sources and rumors within the Greek-American community about these Greek performers abound. After graduating high school I went to visit my grandmother in Tarpon Springs, Florida. There on Ring Avenue in the late evenings my grandmother and I would ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Nectar Costadopoulos on 06.04.2009

Maria Hill. Philhellene & Philokytherian.

Photograph. 2001 – taken by NSW Department of Education & Training for Maria's State & National Discovering Democracy Award


Curriculum Vitae

October 2006

Personal Profile

Name: Maria Hill



People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Athene Anderson, (nee, Gilchrist) on 24.10.2006

Hugh Gilchrist. One of the paramount Philokytherians in Australia.

Photograph: Hugh Gilchrist. Ambassador to Greece. Presenting his Credentials.

Hugh Gilchrist is additionally, the premier Greek-Australian historian of the 20th century.

An hagiography, and a

A Biographical Sketch

from Grk. - hagios (saint) - graphy - writing.


Hugh Gilchrist was born ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Epsilon Magazine on 05.11.2006

Professor Minas Coroneo

Professor Minas Coroneo and the bionic eye.

Epsilon Magazine
. Vol 1. Issue 14.

October 2006.

pp. 1, 22-29.

Professor Minas Coroneo talks about the bionic eye, the latest breakthrough in the field of ophthalmology, the pros and cons of medical research in Australia, and growing up Greek in a Kytherian household in the Hunter Valley region in the early sixties.

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Anna Kominos on 06.02.2007

Manolis Sophios


Turn the leaf of any Kytherian photo album and you will certainly come across the work of Manolis Sofios. An analytical witness to the revolutionary changes of this century. Manoli’s seized the opportunity with his camera, to document Kytherian life when it was still totally an agrarian society. This year’s ‘Kytherian Summer Edition’ pays tribute to the man who had the foresight and inspiration to use the art of photography to immortalise peasant life.

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Tasso John Conomos on 23.10.2006

Anne (Tasia) Conomos Condas

President Anastasia Condas accepts a philanthropic award on behalf of the Kytherian Society of California and the West for its many contributions to the Gerokomio of Kythera over the years. These donations have included a convection oven, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, an most recently, an electrocardiograph instrument.
From The Hellenic Herald, California, March, 2003.

The ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Australian Dictionary Of Biography on 07.10.2006

Zacharias (Jack) Simos

Simos, Zacharias Theodore (Jack) (1897 - 1976) (1897-1976), confectioner and café proprietor, was born on 15 August 1897 at Kousounari, Kythera (Cerigo), Greece, eldest of four children of Theodore Zachariou Simos, farmer and cooper, and his wife Areanthe, née Theodorakakis. In 1912 Zacharias migrated to Sydney with several other Kytheran boys in the Omrah, disembarking on 13 May with little money and minimal English. In the following four years he worked in Greek cafés in Sydney and at Tenterfield, ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Sandra Meligakes on 21.05.2006

Nicholas Meligakes

Nicholas A. Meligakes, Author of The Spirit of Gettysburg, 1950
(From "")

The Spirit of Gettysburg

"There is no recorded parallel in history where the result of three days' achievements on one side, or the strategic
blunders on the other, were factors in creating a united nation as they were on the first three days of July, 1863, at Gettysburg.
Four score and seven years have ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Peter Vanges on 13.05.2006

Emmanuel Kritharis

The First Kytherian Immigrant to Australia.

The ‘First Kytherian’ Question

First Published in The Greek Australian Vema, April 2006. pages 10/28 and 11/29.

Original Pdf format:

Page 11/28.
28 - APR 06 P.10-28.pdf

Page 11/29.
29 - APR 06 P. 11-29.pdf

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Kosmas Megalokonomos on 11.01.2006

Efstathios Dilaveris

Benefactor of Kythera

Efstathios Dilaveris was born at Karavas, Kythera in 1853 of poor parents. At the age of ten he came to Piraeus and made a living as a labourer but at the age of twenty he was a contractor.

In 1888 he created the first factory of mosaic slates in Greece and ten years later the first factory of ceramics. He extended his premises and his excellent products entered both the national and international market and he acquired great wealth.

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Kanarakis on 27.01.2006

Miltiades Bidzanis/Bidzanakis - Michael De Diar

15.08.1835 — 13.06.1920

One day in Port Pire, South Australia in mid - 1875, in a large store made available by the Whitings company for the townspeople to hold meetings, concerts and church services, during an especially long and tiring sermon a rather short, stocky, middle—aged man of southern Mediterranean appearance jumped up from his makeshift seat.

He dropped a coin noisily on a brandy ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Kanarakis on 13.05.2006

Harry (Haralambos) Corones

Harry Corones, Jim Corones and their sister, Charleville, ca. 1914

For other photo's follow the links at the end of this article.


On 14 June 1965 people poured in and out of the Hotel Corones in Charleville, Queensland all day. “The barmaids were run off their feet, the telephones ran hot ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Ruth Ostrow on 29.12.2005

Sir Arthur George

Battling the Establishment

From, The New Boy Network

Ruth Ostrow

William Heinemann Australia
Richmond, Victoria

Sir Arthur George is disarming. He wastes no time skirting round questions with platitudes. He says: ‘When you get older you can say what you think.’
On himself he says: ‘I’m a pushy bugger. I like to get to the top.’ On his relationship with politicans: ‘I make it my business ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Ruth Ostrow on 13.01.2006

Charles Andronicus

The Andronicus Family

Becoming a cafe society

From, The New Boy Network

Ruth Ostrow

William Heinemann Australia
Richmond, Victoria

Charles Andronicus makes no bones about what is at the root of his family’s success. ‘It is because of the influx of Europeans after the Second War. That is when coffee, espresso machines and cafes became popular. ‘Our growth is owed to the continental person, ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Peter Vamvakaris on 21.12.2005

Alex Freeleagus

The following is an Obituary of Alex Freeleagus, published in Clayton Utz's magazine Proctor.

Freeleagus ACF Clayton Utz article August 2005 (1).pdf

Report of Alex Freeleagus's funeral in The Vema.

Freeleagus ACF Greek News2.pdf

Report of Alex Freeleagus's funeral ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Archie Kalokerinos on 10.12.2005

George P (Pete) Petrochilos

Air Force Master Sergeant.

From, The (Philadelphia) Enquirer - National

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

After decades of secrecy, U.S. honors Cold War’s lost fliers

The crews were on spy missions along the borders of the Soviet Union and its allies.
Some were shot down, others just disappeared

By Michael E. Ruane


FORT MEADE, Md - The fat, gray American ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 03.12.2005

Maria Stamatakou

A lot has been written about the cafes which Kytherians set up and ran after they migrated, comparatively little though about the cafe culture on the island. Anyone who regularly visited the village of Mitata in the 1980s and '90s probably ate at George and Maria Stamatakou's restaurant which was perched near the ravine on the roller-coaster-road out of the back of the village.

The months I spent each year on the island are ...