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It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives.

Anthony Robbins (1968-)

This is where people of Kytherian decent who have contributed to their community in an extraordinary way will be featured. They need not be "famous" is the usual sense of the world, simply extraordinary.

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submitted by George Poulos on 04.08.2005

James Samios

The Hon. James Miltiadis Samios, M.B.E., B.A., LL.B., M.L.C.

Former Member of the Legislative Council
(The Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament).

Held positions of:

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Services,
Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Ethnic Affairs

Born in Brisbane, Queensland, on September 10, 1933.

Married. Rosemary Nicholson, ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 15.10.2004

Kevin Cork

Kevin Cork, in April 1997, at his son Stuart's graduation.

Biography of Kevin Cork (20/10/1946 -

Conserver of the Hellenic and Kytherian Cinema Heritage in Australia.

[A very special thank you to Merle, Julie and Stuart Cork, for providing the biographical detail of Kevin's life that ensures.]

Kevin’s love of theatre began as a young boy attending ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 04.08.2005

John Harry Conomos

[John Conomos's village of origin on Kythera is Potamos.]

Toyota Australia chief set to join big boys

By Ian Porter
Melbourne AGE
April 13, 2004

Toyota Australia is poised to join the top echelon of the giant Toyota group with the proposed naming of John Conomos as a managing officer, reporting directly to the board.

Mr Conomos has been slated for election ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 04.12.2007

George Miller

George Miller

Order of Australia, 1996.
MBMS (University of New South Wales.}
HonDLitt, Honorary Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Letters.

World-reknowned Film Producer, Director, and Script Writer.

Parental Background

Dimitri (Jim) Castrisios Miliotis was born in Mitata, Kythera. The Milioti "patriko spiti" is in ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 13.05.2004

Dr Eleni Leontsini

Nationality: Greek

Date of birth: 11th October 1971

Work address:

Department of Philosophy

University of Glasgow

Glasgow G12 8QQ

Tel: 0141-330 3243 (direct ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 06.09.2004

Contessa Diamantina Roma

Pastel painting of Lady Bowen; 1867, by (?) Allen.
On fine paper marouflaged to linen.
Kindly made available by the Principal, All Hallow's School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Compiled by
Dr Owen Harris
Chairman, History and Archives Committee, PA Hospital
201 Wickham Tce, Brisbane Q 4000

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 27.12.2004

Peter Frilingos

Peter Frilingos......Legend


Funeral, Monday, May 10th, 2004, St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, CBD.

The Frilingos family has asked that donations be given to the Heart Foundation in memory of Peter and in lieu of flowers.

Donations received will help save the lives of other Australians by supporting the Heart Foundation's research and health education programs to ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 26.05.2004

George Souris Member of the NSW Parliament


B.Ec., Dip.F.Mgt.,F.A.I.M., F.C.P.A.

Born Gunnedah, New South Wales, 12th July, 1949.

[Son of Theothosios Souris, (parachoukli - "o Layos" - "the hare"), and Kanella Vernardos. Theo and Kanella had four children; in age order - Peter (Tweed Heads), Anastasia (Epping), George, and Stavros (Newcastle). Information provided by Peter Vernardos, aged 82, ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 21.03.2004

Theodore Pascalis

Theodore Pascalis (Magoulas) was born in 1897 at Pitsinades, Kythera. He left Greece, with his father Antonis, on a French ship, and arrived in Sydney in 1909, at the age of 12. They lived at 200 Castlereagh Street where they worked for the Comino family for 14 months, and, during this time, Theodore attended High School in William Street. His father returned to Kythera due to ill-health, and died in 1915. Theodore went to Hay, where he worked for 21⁄2 years. Subsequently he worked in Forbes for ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Vicki Gesouras on 12.11.2004

George Peter Vamvakaris (or Bambakaris, later changed to Harris)

Arriving in Australia in 1911, George Vamvakaris/Bambakaris (Harris) was a pioneer Greek Australian in the butcher shop business.

George was born on the island of Kythera on 31 July, 1888.

George's parents were Panayotis Vamvakaris (1847 -1911) and Ekaterini Notaras (1857 -1937). Panayotis was a farmer and lived in the village called Vamvakarathika, Kythera. The name "Vamvakaris" means cotton grower, which originated ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by James Gavriles on 02.05.2005

Ted Sofios

Ted Sofios, a Greek American, was owner and proprieter, along with his brother John, of the Berkeley, California, restaurant "Aitos Greek Folkdance Taverna," a converted U.S. post office and had a huge hardwood dance floor and walls decorated with large flags of the world's nations. The taverna also had dance orientale shows Fridays, at noon, and Saturday evenings, with featured dancer Najia.

John relates that Ted "learned more than ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by James Gavriles on 20.01.2004

Theodore Souris

State Bar Mourns the Loss of Former Justice Theodore Souris
State Bar leaders have expressed deep sadness on the death of Theodore Souris, a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, who succumbed to leukemia on June 21st, 2002 in Chicago. He was 76 years old.
Souris was first appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court in January 1960 by former governor G. Mennen Williams, and elected in November the same year to a term expiring in 1969. At age 33, he was the youngest justice to ...

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submitted by Site Administrator on 15.12.2009

Jack Patty

This article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 17th of November, 2003. We were not able to contact the authors, who are also the subject's children, for their permission, but hope that they will have no objections to us displaying here their homage to their father.

Jack Patty
1912 - 2003

Special service for all, premier or pauper

Regular fans of Jack Patty's ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Alexandra Ermolaeff on 21.02.2011

Prof Manuel James Aroney AM, OBE

This article was originally published in the Greek Australian VEMA in TO BHMA (December 2001)

Prof Manuel James Aroney

31st August 1932 - 15th February, 2011

Dimitrios James Aronis ('Beys'), who was born in Aroniadika, Kythera, came to Australia in 1908. In 1916 he joined some of his brothers and sisters in Boston, USA, but returned to Sydney in 1919. In 1923 Stamatina Aronis ('Papadominakos') ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Alexandra Ermolaeff on 15.11.2007

Dr John Malos 1927-1995

From left to right: John Malos, his sister Violet, their mother Mrs Malos, their father Mr Paul Malos, and my father Dimitrios (Jim) Aroney.

The family of Paul Malos, originally from Kythera, resided for many years in Mackay, North QLD. Mr and Mrs Malos and their children John and Violet were our close neighbours; John was five years older than me.

Paul Malos was a very successful restaurateur before and during the years ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Eleni Harou on 12.05.2004

Levkadios Hearn

Levkadios Hearn. 1850-1904.

Let’s go back to Japan in 1904. A Buddhist death ceremony has just taken place. Ask the average man in the street, just returning from the ceremony, and he will tell you sadly that the well known poet Mr. Levkadios Hern is dead. Levkadios? Yes it rings a bell doesn’t it? Isn’t there an island of the “eftanissa” called Lefkada? Ah yes my friend that is correct. And what if I told you this ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by George Poulos on 01.09.2003

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by James Gavriles on 25.04.2016

My first cousins - WW II, all Kytherians

WW II. My first cousins. Picked to be in a Greek-American magazine. They all survived the war, and we were very proud of all of them. There are 3 Panaretos' whose grandfather was from Smyrna and before that Potamos. There are 2 Panaretos' whose grandfather was from Potamos and mother was an Aronis. There is one Gavrilis - his father was my dad's brother, and his mother was a Coucoulis, and there is one Nomecos whose mother was my aunt and was a Panaretos also.

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Eleni Malanos on 15.10.2005

Constantine Malanos

- and “The Golden Cross of St Andrew”

This article was written for "The Kytherian" (February 2002) and is reprinted with the permission of the editor.

Humility, hard work and the absence of a search for glory are ideas that come to my mind when I think of the Greek men of our older generation. These men appear to set about tackling life without apparent effort and without petty complaint, always maintaining decorum and the gentlemanly behaviour typical of ...

People > Notable Kytherians

submitted by Site Administrator on 16.09.2005

Nicholas Aroney (Anastasopoulos)

This life story was taken from Peter Vanges' "Kythera - A History". Many thanks to Peter and the Kytherian Association of Australia for their permission to reproduce it here.

Nicholas Anthony Aroney (Anastasopoulos) was born in Aroniathika, Kythera, on 14th February 1899. An only child, his mother died very early in his life; his father was far away in America. For some years Nick was ...