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James Prineas

Mitata pre.1939

This group photo from Mitata (although it looks to me like it was taken from a balcony in Keramitianika, a subvillage of Mitata) must have been taken before 1939, because the white-haired man in the centre of the photo, Brettos Haniotis (Aglacitis), my great grandfather, died in that year. The only other people in the photo I can identify are Brettos Haniotis' second wife (to his right) and the young woman right in front of him holding a baby - that is Katarina Haniotis (a really lovely aunt of mine who still lives in Mitata).

Can anyone help me with the names of the others in the picture?

Postscript by Sophia Zantiotis,cousin of the submitter:
This is definitely the balcony of our house - Prineas (Koutsafti) house in Mitata (Keremitianika).
My great great grandfather Ioannis Prineas died in either 1937 or 1938. He is not present in this picture. This is his balcony.
Back row:
-next to Vretto, 11th from the right is vaso Prineas
- behind her in white hat: Peter Prineas
- 7th from the right: Jim Prineas
- 2nd from the right: Nancy Prineas, wife of Peter
1st on the right: A woman who helped Nancy with Nancy and Peter's children.
Front row:
first on the right: John Prineas, 1st son of Nancy and Peter, now a professor of neurology in New York).
fifth from the right: Katina Prineas nee Feros/Katsehamo, wife of Jim Prineas (married in 1937).
2 babies in laps: One is Mary Prineas, first daughter of Jim and Katina Prineas born 1938 or 1939.
the other is Ron Prineas, 2nd son of Peter and Nancy Prineas (now a professor of epidemiology in Minneapolis).

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Harry Alexander
on 09.02.2005

At a family gathering of my wife, Sophia's family, Prineas/kutsaftis further additions made to the list of names. Front row - 2nd right Peter John Prineas (Sarafis) - 3rd right John Feros - 4th right Vassily Protopsaltis - Little girl behind behind four boys on right - Mary Flaskas(nee Feros/Katsehamo Back row -4th right Kyriakoula Feros -6th right Heraklia Psaltis (nee Feros/Disperleres) - 1st left Polka Dot dress Anna Georgiou (nee Prineas/Sarafis) - 4th left John Feros (Disperleres) -7th left (Obscured with hat at the back) John Prineas or George Miliotis