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submitted by Tina Tsakiris on 10.05.2020

Reply - Arrivals Australia 1854-1914

Hi Stephen. I found the information on Ancestry that may be of interest. Tina

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 10.02.2020

Nicholas and Mottee Bubonic Plague 1900

 Nicholas and Mottee Bubonic Plague 1900

Two Greeks, George Nicholas and Peter Motis(Mottee) contracted the bubonic plague while working in oyster saloons during the outbreak of 1900 in Sydney.

Until recently, the outbreak of the plague in Sydney was not generally known, with the publication of a register of those who contracted the deadly disease. Three hundred and three persons are recorded as having contracted the plague with one hundred and three failing to recover.

George ...

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 09.11.2016

History of the Megaloconomos Family

Email to John T. Conomos from Theodore Koukoulis in regards to the history of the Magalocnomos family.

(Posting at the request of John T. Conomos from California)


From: Theodoros Koukoulis
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2016 1:09 PM
To: John Conomos

Subject: The history of Megaloconomos family


Dear Mr Conomos,


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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 08.03.2015

When Greek meets Greek - They marry

When Greek meets Greek-1948

When Greek meets Greek – They Marry
Lismore, Thursday – Two men and two women who had not seen each other since they were tiny children in Greece were married in Lismore last night (Wed 3 March) in the first* Greek double wedding for the district.
They were married in the Church of England with the Greek ceremony, by the Very Rev Metrofanis of Sydney.
The families of both couples have been life-long friends on the tiny island of ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 23.02.2015

Trefilly Baveas Wedding 1929

Trefilly- Baveas Wedding 1929.
The marriage took place on Thursday of last week (14 March), at the residence of Mr. Kerry Baveas, Tingha of Miss Metaxia Baveas, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baveas of Potamos, Cerigo, Greece, to Mr. John Trefilly, of Yeoval, N. S. W.
The ceremony was perforced according to the rites of the Greek Orthodox Church by Archimandrites Theofilactos Papathanasopoulos, of Sydney.

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submitted by Lance Briggs Jersey Chris Conte Jersey on 11.12.2014

Michael Bennett Injury: Depth Will Allow Georgia to Overcome Loss of Star WR

At initial glance, it may look like Georgia's offense would be in difficulty following shedding best receiver Michael Bennett to an ACL injury that will keep him out for the rest of the season. But the team's great depth at the place must guarantee there isn't a key drop-off.

Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Bennett will have surgery on his proper knee right after suffering an damage in the course of practice on Tuesday Leroy ...

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submitted by Lance Briggs Jersey Chris Conte Jersey on 11.12.2014

NFL Draft 2011: Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Julio Jones and the Newest Draft Buzz

The countdown is on Bruce Carter Jersey, and the 2011 NFL draft is just close to the corner as we get prepared to head into April.

Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are still battling to be regarded as the No. 1 quarterback prospect in this draft, and probably the No. 1 choose general, but issues have taken a flip for the ugly.

There are many draft previews designed every yr all around this ...

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submitted by Lance Briggs Jersey Chris Conte Jersey on 11.12.2014

New England Patriots: Wes Welker Is Not Concerned About Contract

New England Patriots Professional Bowl wide receiver Wes Welker made a uncommon media appearance for the duration of an offseason of uncertainty at his Outdated Spice football camp in Peabody, Massachusetts

During his youth football camp, Welker was asked about his present contract situation and a achievable extension with the Patriots&mdashwhich is rather exciting contemplating the existing ...

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submitted by Greek Australian History on 15.07.2014

The Pre-World War II Greek Community of Australia: Class Divisions and Trends


*CHRISTOS N. Fifis teaches Greek Studies in the School of Historical and
European Studies, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. His current
research project is entitled: A History of the Greek Orthodox Community
of Melbourne and Victoria 1897-2003

The aim of this paper is to discuss the structure and social stratification of the pre-War II Greek community in Australia, to trace the development of the Greek Orthodox Communities ...

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submitted by Leslie Comino on 05.04.2013

Theo not mentioned in war service section

I was going through the war service section of Greeks who served in ww2 and dont see my Fathers name in the RAAF section.
L.A.C Theodore Minas Comino joined the RAAF in Inverell NSW and served in New Guinea during WW2
Place of birth Perliggianika Kythera

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2012

Greek Tribute Wall, Roxy Museum


An important aspect of the Roxy Museum will be the Greek Tribute Wall. The Roxy Tribute Wall will be a living monument to a shared Greek-Australian history, one that has a particularly strong foundation across numerous rural and regional communities of NSW and QLD.

A number of institutions across Australia have successfully developed Welcome or Tribute Walls that record and display names of immigrants to honour their passage to Australia and ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2012

Roxy Museum Bingara


Following the successful restoration of the Roxy Café, and the wonderful 75th Anniversary celebrations in April 2011, The Roxy is pleased to announce the development of the Roxy Museum as the next exciting project to take place at the complex in Bingara.

The mission statement for The Roxy Museum is as follows:

“A museum of Greek settlement in country Australia,
with a focus on New South Wales and Queensland.”

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2012

New Publication for Australia

The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) Tuesday 30 November 1926.

We have received a copy of the first issue of the “Hellenic Herald,” a new Greek newspaper to be published weekly in Sydney, “primarily,” it is explained, “to enlighten our fellow-countrymen, the Greeks, in this noble country” (Australia). The letterpress, printed in Greek, covers a wide range of interests, and there is one page in the English language. The ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 01.07.2012

Hellenic Herald - First Edition

Hellenic Herald 1926
Hellenic Herald
“The Leading Greek Newspaper in Australasia”
Editor: Ioannes Stilson
Manager: George Marsellos
Office: 119-23 York Street, Sydney, NSW.
First Edition 16 November 1926
“Our aim in inaugurating this journal is primarily to enlighten our fellow-countrymen, the Greeks, in this noble country, and particularly those who have not ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 19.06.2012

Greek Community of New South Wales 1927

Greek Community of New South Wales
Unanimously Declares the Hellenic Herald
As its Official Organ
Commendatory Letter

Sydney, January 4, 1927
To the Editor,
“Hellenic Herald,”

Dear Sir,
The Greek Community of New South Wales, having followed with great attention and pride from its first appearance until the present time, the views, aspirations and aims of your excellent journal, ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 05.06.2012

Greek Double Wedding 1921

Greek Double Wedding
The Greek community of Sydney made high holiday on Sunday* in honour of the first double wedding that has been celebrated in the Agia Triatha Greek Orthodox Church at Bourke Street, Surrey Hills.

The brides were Kanella and Marie, daughters of Rev. Father Evangelos Crithary and Madame Crithary, of Cerigo, Greece; and the respective bridegrooms were Jack Moulos, of Singleton (son of Rev. Father Moulos and Madame Moulos of Cerigo), ...

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submitted by Paul Mathers on 18.04.2012

1972 – on the occasion of the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE Kytherian Association of Australia

[[picture:"50th Kytherian Brotherhood 1972 50th Anniversary celebrations (2).jpg" ID:20104]]

With the help of former President of the Kytherian Association of Australia, John Prineas, and and Vassi Uhrweiss (nee, Margetis) – we can now determine that the photo attached was taken in 1972 – on the occasion of the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE Kytherian Association of Australia.

It was taken on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary Kytherian Ball.

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 15.11.2011

The Day of Οχι 1940

The Day of Οχι 1940
Hellenic Herald, 14 November 1946

The Historic Day of 28th October, 1940
Vice-President of the Greek-Australian League of Athens

It is with pleasure that I respond to the courteous and flattering invitation of the Greek Branch of the Returned Soldiers League to say a few words to the Australian people through the Broadcasting Station 2GB on the occasion of today’s official celebration of ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 17.09.2011

Greek Urn Presentation 1946

Broadcast comments on Canberra’s Ceremony

On July 19, a simple moving and symbolic ceremony took place in Canberra. A Corinthian urn of the Sixth century, B. C. was handed to the Prime Minister and other Australian representatives; and in it was soil from the graves of Australian soldiers buried in Athens. As the Venerable Regent, Archbishop Damaskinos wrote, “this ancient urn does not contain ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 17.09.2011

Anargyros Stratigos and the Greek Urn

Anargiros Vasslios Stratigos
Anargiros Vassilios Stratigos arrived in Australia from Greece on the Highland Princess disembarking at Sydney, NSW April 1946. This followed an announcement from Athens, 26 February 1946, to ‘confer the Freedom of the City of Athens’ to the Australian Minister of External Affairs, Dr. H. V. Evatt.The diploma and a commemorative medal for Dr. Evatt are being taken to Australia from Athens by Mr. Anargiros Stratigos, vice-chairman of the Athens Grecco-Australian ...