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16494 arthur georgopoulos - sydney australia


My mother is from Lianianika and father is from Potamos. We have the house next to the carpark in Potamos. Would like to hear from anyone from around the world to share experiences or stories of Kythera.

16483 jerri powell - bakersfield usa



16472 Stella Nenes - Brisbane, Australia


Giasas! ti kanete;

My father Giorgos Nenes and my mother Panayotitsa Cominos were born in Potamos Kythera, but moved to and married in Australia. The Nenes family of nine immigrated to Australia and the USA.

My two sons Vasili, Minas and my husband Bill love travelling, having visited Greece many times and always stay in the great old Potamos house. We are planning another trip to the USA this year (2009). Who knows, this time may even get to meet a Nenes New Yorker :) Pios Xseri

Naste Kala,

Vouli xo


16462 Alexander Kypriadis - spain


i was there just after earthquake to see my aunt in potamas


16461 maria atsipoulianaki - Brisban Australia


I am from Kythera and very proud to be Kytherian

16175 Alexandra Dapontes - Brisbane Australia


My family live in Australia but other relatives live in Hora Kytheria

16174 ALEXANDRA DAPONTES - Brisbane Australia


my father is Nick or Nicholas Dapontes

my grandfather is Tony Dapontes ( I think )

16173 alexandra dapontes - brisbane Australia


I am Nick Dapontes and Martha Dapontes ( nee Hastas ) daughter of which there are 4 daughters ( no boys poor dad well at least house was always clean ) would like some more information on my fathers side . My father was mr dapontes ( i think tony ) my fathers mother was maria dapontes ( buried as maria triarhi not sure of spelling ) if anyone has any pictures or stories or information of my grandparents ( papou and yia yia ) from my fathers side I would love to hear it . I would love to see pictures of my grandparents especially and little stories about them. When I ask my father Nicholas he gets very upset and cannot talk about it as he missed them dearly ( they are both deceased ) . Also I could not find my papou ( grandfathers ) grave tombstone. can you help? Also I found my grandmother tombstone but it does not say when maria dapontes ( or maria triarhi) passed away . can you assist?

16151 Giorgios Sotirios - barcelona, spain


I must say I was pleasantly surprised by kythera this past summer. Having intended to stay a mere day, I strung it out to 5 when I finally detached myself from Aphrodite's embrace 'if that sounds a cliche, wait, there's more'... Great beauty and a car means you can access its hidden treasures, beaches, towns, and people. There is a strong matriarchal quality to the place that is life/affirming. It's an island with lots to offer and with mystery in the air. This is the highest compliment since I dont come from Tsirigo, and was critical beforehand.

16148 Mat Cassimatis - Brisbane, Australia


Must admit, i come from the best family name in Kythera "CASSIMATIS". If you havn't met one before then do so, they're beautiful honest people. Though i suppose most Kytherian's are the same.


16026 Vicki Gillespie - Adelaide S.A. Australia




16025 Vicki Gillespie - Adelaide S.A. Australia




15974 Ann Megalokonomos - Australia


I do know much about my family's back ground i know that i grand father come to Australia and work for his cousin for a while in sydney before moving to Wee Waa where he meet my grandmother and so on i need to know more for my family and the next generations to come as i fel that as time gose by we will lose the past. whitch is sad i don't want that to happen.

15905 adrian cavazos - mexico


im from mexico, my family coming to mexico 350 years ago

15836 Gloria James (Calligeros) - Sydney Australia


Dad's family are from Pitsinianika and we lived there when i was 6-12. Still have uncles and cousins there. My papou's name was Emmanuel and Giagia Grigoria.

15835 Gloria James - Australia


My mother's village. Her parents Andrea and Anna Kalligerou. Pappou just passed away at 91.

15825 Nicholas Sofios - Providence, RI USA


Both my mother and father were from Logothatianika (sp).


15823 Ronnie Calligeros - London


My Father Perikles is from Strapothi, son of Ioannis and Katerina Calligeros

15795 Peter Kastrisios Marios - Australia-Greece


Fantastic site , I love that Im now find out who I am and know some of my fathers heritage in Kythera and am looking into it and my mothers who lived in Kythera for many years and is of Spartan blood. I wanted to know so much. I now live and work in greece looking at my family tree.


15734 Spyro Calocerinos - Australia


Mr.Stathatos, thank you for your speech and presentation of phtographs on the 22nd of August 2008 in Hora.
I would like to advise you that during your speech, you referred to a photograph ( Frame 3, PF0051(B) G2) as Councilors from Karvounades. They were in fact councilors from Hora. Thanks again for the wonderful work you have done.


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