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Kosmas Sclavos - Brisbane Australia

Kosmas and Effie Sclavos live in Brisbane Australia.

Grandparents Kosmas and Gregoria lives in Goudianika. Kosmas died at the young age of 35 in 1945. Gregoria passed on in 1976. They had 6 children Nick married Lorraine (Brisbane), Stan married Nina(Brisbane), Peter married Mary (Brisbane) Elenitsa Panagakos married Costas (Athens), Katina Calligeros married Emmanuel(Brisbane) and Con married Mary (Brisbane). The children mainly migrated to Australia in the 60s and early 70s.

Stan & Nina had four boys Kosmas married Effie, Spiros married Theresa, Gregory married Kay and Kyriakos married Angela.



Angelika Pentsi - Berlin/Germany

I am a Greek from Germany doing research on kythera-family.net. Last week I attended the Queensland launch of the site in Brisbane and spent some days in Sydney, where I interviewed users of the site.

I returned to Germany absolutely enthusiastic! The people I met in Australia, especially the Kytherian Australians, gave me a very warm welcome and helped me in every conceivable manner! Thanks to the assistance of a number of people I collected valuable material for my research and, moreover, had a fantastic time in Australia. I can say, I got a first-hand experience of what Kytherian community means.

I would like to thank the Perkins family and the Poulos family for accommodating me in Brisbane and Sydney.

Angelo Notaras, Peter Prineas, Stephen Trifyllis, Kiriaki Orfanos, Emmanuel Prineas, Peter Vamvakaris, George Vardas, Spiros Kalokairinos – thank you all for sharing your thoughts on Kytherian-Australian identity with me and for showing me around Brisbane or Sydney!

Special thanks go to George Poulos – a truly superb organiser – for introducing me to this great community and for every other assistance he provided me with during my stay.


dimitri haniotis - Sydney

It's like going home!

John Kassimatis - Westlake OH USA

Wonderful message board

Kalliope Bellesis - USA

John Cassimatis

Jos Campfens - Holland

Dear readers,
My wife and I made a trip around Greece from 15th May/12th June 2006 and are back at work in Holland again. (to earn money for our next trip to Greece). We drove about 4000km through the mainland and Peloponnese. We have visited this beautiful country for the last 16 years and still love it as it were for the first time!! In our last trip we booked the flight to Kalamata and rented the car there and didn't book any hotel, so we were free to go. In this holiday we also visited Kythera for 4 days. For us a great experience!!! In the past we were on many Greek islands, but it was sure different from the rest. We liked the diversity of the landscape: high cliffs, small bays (hard to reach )and the rough fields with sempervivem.
Via this site we want to thank the Kytherian people who made our short stay unforgetable. And we sure come back for a longer stay. Also I want to thank Jurgen of Porfyra travel for his help at the harbour of Diakofti and the making of the internetsite. He is a good ambassador for the island!!! Also we want to thank Frank van Weerde, a dutchman who lives on Kythera, for his nice made book with 32 walking trips. From the book we only had the chance to walk 2 trips, so it is simple for us: WE HAVE TO COME BACK!!!

Many gree(ce)tings from Holland.
Jos and Petra Campfens

Irene Rammerath - Brisbane, Australia

My mother was a Kastrissios, My cousins Marie & Kos Kastrissios have added entry's previously. My Grandfather Charlie Kastrissios was born in Australia in 1923. My Grandmother Irene Kastrissios (nee Freeleagus) was also born in Australia in 1923. Her family was from the village Friligianika.

maria lujan maggi samios - mar del plata argentina

my granfather was born in kithira, i would like to contact someone with the surname "samios" to chat

Maria Hadsis - vancouver B.C. Canada


Theodore Fatseas - Sydney Australia

Wonderful site

Maria Loupis - australia sydney

my parents are evangelos and eleftheria sklavos,we came to australia when i was very young i dont remember much of kythera but was fortunate to visit 3 years ago,it was a very emotional time for me and my family.my father is a priest in kythera he is very well known.They are currently living there,my father was in the local newspaper when the earthquake happened,perhaps you saw his picture.Itwas of two priests discussing the damaged church.my brother is steve sklavos and we hope to one day visit the island we grew up intogether and perhaps share happy and sad memories.


Alexis Thanasoulas - Paris, France

I discovered the island last summer with my fiancée. We were literally stunned by the beauty of the rugged coast, the paradise coves, the fertile central grounds and above all, the kindness of Kytherans. We loved Kythera to the point of getting married there this summer, even though we have no family ties to the island (my papous is from Andritsena, I was born in Athens, grew up in France and my fiancée is French)

I understand that economic growth is what islanders strive for (not the sole goal of course) but I am hoping that development can be made sustainable and human, with green tourism (hiking in the canyons and in the countryside for example) and healthy lifestyle. The last thing I would like is blaring clubs and hordes of noisy tourists. In any case, I am spreading the word that this is a quiet island with many hidden and unknown gems and that needs respect. Let's not make the mistakes of some Cycladic islands or portions of the north coast of Crete.

I love your website because I found the family spirit that defines the island. Also, your website helped us as we were looking for a quaint and beautiful vacation spot in the middle of August. So the answer is : yes, your site had an impact: a couple will get married there soon :-)

Kind regards and keep up the good work.


Eve Vaggis/Vanges - Dearborn, Michcigan U.S.A.

I visited Kythera in January of 2006 with my two grandchildren, Nicole and Nick. We stayed at the 9 Muses Guest House in Agia Pelagia. We visited with friends and distant relatives in Potamos (my mother's home village), roamed about the fields and beaches during the 5 days we were there. I attended church in the village of Karavas and took part in communion.
We visited with Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Pavlakis in Potamos. Very nice people, distant relatives thru my grandmother. I intend to return within the next few years to study further this enchanting island. We experienced a 6.9 earthquake on January 8 while waiting for our lunch to be prepared. Luckily for us we were not hurt, however, if it had hit land rather than in the sea, I know we wouldn't have survived. I loved the quiet nature of the island, no hussle bustle here. We experienced the priets throwing the cross into the water and the young boys diving in to search for it on St. Stephanos Day. We will return!


Emilie Castrission - Canberra, Australia

My Grandfather was Victor Castrission, I am visiting Kytheria at the end of the year.


Peter Makarthis - Inverell Australia

Hello Team Kythera,
The new server is being received at this end of the world. Great to be back online.


Katherina Conomos (Megaloconomos) - Tweed Heads Australia

I came across this site accidently and I think it is wonderful. My Fathers name is Emmanuel Megaloconomos. I know I have a lot of distant relys in Brisbane. So hi out there!

Angela Anderson - SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.

My Dad is Jack Vamvakaris (dec).
From Bambakarathika

Came out from Kythera at about 16 years of age and died when he was 80 years old.

Have you ever heard of a Blue Bird Cafe? Well he owned one,from about 1920's to the 1970's in Innisfail, North Queensland.

He did a lot for his Local Community and the Greek Church in Innisfail.


eleni grady - queensland, australia

my papou was born in virathika and my yiayia was born in Fratsia. there names are erene and aleco. they had three daughters maria(my mum), helen and Angela. they used to go to Kythera every summer and are comin back this year.






James paul Marselos - Cessnock/Australia


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