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basil panaretto - aus

you refer to a privately -owned churh on the road to melidoni .would that be the church of the panaretos family ?

Peter Thomas Psaltis (Protopsaltis) - Waukivory, NSW, Australia

Cousin Basil, your family history in the opening web page is a wonderful insight to so much, and generates a great many memories. Sadly I fear much of my own family history may be lost, and may rest with cousin Andonis who now lives in his father's family residence in Mitata, and with his mother, my Aunty Katarina. My father, John Anthony (Ianis Andonis) Psaltis (Protopsaltis), born 4/12/1900 was brought to Aus by older brother Spiros in 1920, married Alice Henderson in Wagga Wagga in 1940. As with so many others, my brother and I have been fortunate in the choice of our parents and in the paths they took in providing for us. Thank you for this website, I look forward to learning much from it.

George Paxinos - Melbourne, Australia

I would like to thank Mr Emmanuel Pappos for his generous donation of the Kytherian surname book to the Ithacan Historical Society. Thanks also to his mother Effie, who made the necessary connections. This will be of great assistance to me personally in my preparation of my own work on Ithacan surnames. It will also be a valuable asset as part of the IHS collection. Mr Kalligeros has set a very high standard. If I can achieve half as much I will be satisfied.

Arthur Cassavetis - Brisbane/Australia

I married a beautiful woman who is Kytherian, and I am proud of her.The family surname is spelt Kontoleon in Australia. This site is fantastic. We have been back to Kythera in 2005 and 2006, I have heaps of pics and I will register and upload a few of them. This is one of the few most beautiful parts of the world. I am so proud to be an "adopted kytherian".

God Bless and Yasoo,

Dimitri Veneris - melbourne Australia

my father Nikos was born in 1963 there and would like to know of other relatives or friends cheers!!!

Bronwyn Souris - South Africa

Im trying to find out more about the Souris family living in South Africa... if anybody has any information I would gladly appreciate it!

George Apostolides - South Africa

Son of Depsina Plionis father George Plionis (PETRAS)

George Paxinos - Melbourne, Australia

A fabulous site - most helpful in my own study (in progress) on Ithacan surnames. If only I could get to read Mr Kalligeros' book!

Alexander Kypriadis - spain

my farther came from karavas his name Christos kypriou


Alexander Kypriadis - spain

my farther came karavas
his name in the vilage was Chistos Kypriou


jerri elizabeth powell lockhart - bakersfield usa

my grandfather peter sklavos born in rovia greece. any information would be of great value to me.

George Megaloconomos - Melbourne Australia


This is an interesting site and a great way to see how we're all interconnected. My father, Panayioti Megaloconomos is from Livathi and my mother, Anezina Megaloconomos (maiden name, Londakis) is from Fratsia. Both of them live in Brisbane Australia. If anyone out there is doing a family tree with the Megaloconomos family, please let me know and hopefully I can help you out with a bit of information.

Thank you

Theodore Panaretos - U.S.

1st generation.Mother Mytelinia(Ayasos) although I've been to Greece 5 x's never went to Kythera, I', sorry


Helen Klinberg - Australia

I am trying to do a family tree for the surname Bouteris- Theodore. Immigrated to australia 12th March 1938 - Also linked to pentalokos family by marriage. 2 Brothers Jim & paul- any contacts or information would be great.


Dean Venardos - Houston, Texas. USA

My father is from agia anastasia. My wife and kids visited last year. I wish we could go back every year . This is a great website. I will visit often. Thanks

Lisa Viaros - Florida/USA

My father Angelo John Viaros passed away on September 21, 2006.


Hi to all my fellow Kytherians out there in the world!Anyone who would like to chat is welcome!


Alethea Marios - Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to say how fantastic this site is, and how excited I am to finally be able to learn about my family heritage and hopefully get to know some long lost relatives! My grandfather Peter Marios born in 1909 in Diakofti came out to Sydney, Australia approximately in the 1920's, but I dont know much more than this. He did however have three children: Nicholas(my father), John and Maria, who all appear rather clueless about their father's origins. Hopefully someone out there can help me put the pieces of the puzzle together so I can discover my identity!


James Prineas - Germany

Thanks to all the contributors for keeping this site growing and growing!

Kosmas Sclavos - Brisbane / Australia

Spiro 'Korsolas' Fatseas (born 1906 and passed away 1991) and Koula Fatseas nee Cominou (born 1920 and passed away 2006) has three daughter Vicky, Nina and Anna. Vicky married Nick Calokerinos from Alexadrathes. Nina married Stan Sclavos from Gouthianika and Anna maried George Karydis from Milopotamos.

Stan and Nina had four boys Kosmas married to Effie nee Kritakis, Sprio married Theresa nee Sourys, Greg married Kay nee Livanos and Kyriakos (Eric) married Angela. Anna and George had two boys John married to Sam ad Spiro is single.

Great-grandchildren in age order is Stammie, Stanley G, Stanley N, Nina, Kayla, Rosette and Alexander. Stanley passed away in 2003 in New York.



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