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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Award to George Miller, film producer, from the Union of Ionian Islands

Download a .pdf "report" of the Eptanesian Award to George Miller here:


Βραβείο στον Γιώργο Μηλιώτη - George Miller από την Ένωση Επτανησίων Η Ένωση Επτανησίων Ελλάδας, στο πλαίσιο βράβευσης σημαντικών προσωπικοτήτων ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Award to Kytherian actor Vasilis Kailas from the Union of Ionian Islands

Vasilis Kailas receiving his Eptanesian award

Upload the Eptanesian "report" and biography (in Greek) as a .pdf, here:


Upload another brief "report" and biography (in Greek) as a .pdf, here:

VASILIS_KAILAS_biography.pdf ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Another significant award for Professor Nikos Petrochilos

Nikos Petrochilos accepting his Eptanesian Award

Download a .pdf of the "report" re: Eptanesian award to Professor Nikos Petrochilos, here:


The Union of Ionian (Seven) Islands, on 29th May 2011, at 6:00 pm, in the Old Parliament House, Syntagma Square, ...

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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 08.03.2011

George, his passion, at the National Library, Canberra

Ruby brown places George his passion on deposit at the National Library, Canberra, accompanied by her niece, Lauren Brown, (right) who is volunteers coordinator National Library. The third woman, is part of the legal deposit team at the Library.

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submitted by George Poulos on 02.02.2011

Ruby Brown Feros's, love devotion and surrender

in writing the book, George, his passion

George, his passion

Purchase the book here

[[picture:"George Wrap-around cover s.jpg" ...

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submitted by Newcastle Herald on 10.01.2011

A Bite for Sore Eyes

Newcastle Herald, Weekender

Hunter-raised opthalmologist Minas Coroneo can see bountiful health benefits in the Mediterranean diet, writes NEIL JAMESON.

Download a .pdf version of the article here:


In 2000, Minas Coroneo’s passion for public health caused him to stage an unusual protest. The ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 19.12.2010

Kyria Janoula from Platia Ammos by Jean Bingen

My acquaintance with Kyria Janoula goes back to summer 1962 when I, as a technical student, worked for Mr. Koksma’s World Council of Churches Team at Kythera. She and her husband were the proud owners of Ameriali in Karavas. As I was working in Diakopoulianika for the new municipality water system I was allowed to have my lunch at their place. Also in weekends when there was a party my fellow team members and I went there to dance and enjoy the wine and mezedes. One year later in August being ...

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submitted by Greekshops .com on 10.12.2010

Vic and Jack Castrission & the Niagara café in Gundagai.

Vic and Jack Castrission owned the Niagara from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. In the early days it was hailed as “one of the finest cafes in the country” and, following the opening ceremony by the Hon W.F.M. Ross MLA in 1938, the brothers donated the day’s gross takings to the Gundagai Hospital.

In 1942, just after midnight, Jack was locking up when there was a knock at the door. He opened it, prepared to tell an unwelcome visitor where to go, to discover Prime Minister John ...

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submitted by Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia on 10.12.2010

Manuel Aroney

Professor Manuel Aroney has his own WIKI entry, largely it would seem on the back of the entries in

Accessed Dec, 2010

Manuel James Aroney AM, OBE , is an Australian academic and human rights advocate.

Aroney is the only child of Dimitrios and Stamatina Aronis (Aroney) who both were born in Aroniadika, Kythera, Greece. They met up again in Sydney, married in 1926 in Townsville and then opened the Central Cafe in Mackay, ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 12.04.2010

France honours Greek –Australian director George Miller

Sydney, 10.03.2010

Honoured: Oscar-winning director George Miller. (Getty Images: Lucas Dawson )

Director George Miller was awarded France’s most prestigious artistic award, the Order of Arts and Letters. Miller received the award, known in France as Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, by French ambassador to Australia Michel Filhol at the opening of the French Film Festival in Sydney on Tuesday night.

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 27.03.2010

Tribute to Penelope Venardos Conomos who turned 100 on March 25, 2010

Alexa Conomos: Celebrating my grandmother-the cenenarian!

Alexa created a video blog about her grandmother reaching 100.

Watch the Video by clicking on this link

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submitted by Anna Avgoustou on 16.03.2010

Life Story of Stavroula Theodorakakis (Cordato)

Stavroula (Violet) was born on January 13, 1928, in Potamos, Kythera. My father's name was Dionysius Theodorakakis and my mother's name was Marigo Mazaraki. I was the youngest of five, with four older brothers, Kiriakos (Kerry), Ioannis (John), Gerasimos and Manuel. Manual died as an infant at 6 months and Gerasimos at 20 years.

My father (also known as Denny) spent many years in Australia, working with his nephews in cafes throughout country NSW. In Australia, they took on their family ...

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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 10.12.2009

Speech by John Nicholas Comino about his grandfather...

...John Demetrios Comino, on the occasion of the launch of the books, Life in Australia, in both Greek and English, at the MacLaurin Hall, Sydney University, on the evening of the 9th December, 2009.

125 Years ago a formidable man with a Vision made the long sea journey to Australia from the Island of Kythera in Greece, on the m. v. Potosi.

That man – John Demetrios Comino – made this momentous decision at the invitation of his brother Athanassios ...

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 05.12.2009

Historic Greek Reprint

A reprint of Life in Australia, 1916, the first book in Greek published in Australia, will be launched in the original Greek, and an English translation.

Written to inform immigrants about the culture of Australia, the 368-page history includes about 150 pages of micto-biographies and photographs of Greek immigrants in which many will recognise great grandparents.

Wednesday, 6pm,

MacLaurin Hall, Sydney University


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submitted by Sydney Magazine on 10.10.2009

Kytherians inducted into the Food Hall of Fame

Now in its 7th year, the Sydney Magazine’s annual Food Hall of Fame continues to shine a light on the often unsung heroes of the local food revolution.

This year’s inductees have been selected by the expert panel of Helen Greenwood, Jared Ingersoll, Simon Johnson, & Joanna Savill, to honour excellence in food. They looked for individuals, excluding chefs, who have been consistently at the top of their field and who have influenced the way we eat and our attitude to food. ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 18.05.2009

Tony De Bolfo - Interview on Australian Story.

TWO: Interview on Australian Broadcasting Commission, Televison's, Australian Story.

Tony De Bolfo - The author behind the story of the journey of the Dall’Italia All’Australia.

In Search of Kings

Hi I’m Robert Di Pierdomenico but you can call me Dipper. I’m a former Aussie Rules player. Now I’m a Channel Seven boundary rider. Tonight’s first Australian Story is ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 21.05.2009

Tony De Bolfo

ONE - The author behind the story of the journey of the Dall’Italia All’Australia

Tony De Bolfo

A journalist and author by profession, Tony De Bolfo has contributed articles to newspapers almost from the time he left school in 1980.

For two decades he was employed as a sportswriter for major metropolitan dailies including The Australian and The Herald Sun. A lifelong supporter of ...

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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 25.04.2009

Lest We Forget - Pte Steleanos Gengos 2nd AIF

'Stan' Steleanos Gengos, son of Evangelos and Evangelia Gengos, born Aug 1919 in Sydney enlisted in the Australian Army May 1940.
Private Steleanos Gengos 2/15 Australian Infantry Battalion was killed during the siege of Tobruk Libya 1 September 1942.
Pte Steleanos Gengos is buried in the El Alamein War Cemetery.
Steleanos Memorials are on the Commemorative Area of the Australian War Memorial Canberra ACT and Brisbane War Memorial.

Rest in Peace


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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 25.04.2009

Lest We Forget - Flying Officer William Gengos RAAF.

William Gengos, born Inverell October 1916 the son of Vassilios and Calliope, Gengos died in the Tobruk area on 12 August 1942.

Flying Officer William Gengos was the co-pilot of a Wellington Bomber - AD629 - set out from Kabrit Airfield Egypt on a bombing mission over Tobruk Libya. The aircraft was lost on the mission. The aircraft and crew were never found.

William Gengos Memorials are located on his fathers headstone in Moree Cemetery (see under Gravestones) and the ...

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submitted by The Australian Newspaper on 23.04.2009

Kytherian bionic eye researcher, Minas Coroneo gains 2020 summit grant -

one of only 9 applications from 962 submiiteed, gain funding.

Leigh Dayton
The Australian, April 23, 2009, page 6

article 1

Researchers race to develop bionic eye

The scientific race is on for all or part of the $50.7 million allotted for research to develop a bionic eye.

The goal of the research -- funded over four years as part of the Rudd Government's response to last year's 2020 Summit -- is to commercialise ...