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submitted by vasiliki Theocharopoulou on 01.03.2017

Stathoula Souri



My name is Stathoula Souri. I was born on the 20th of August 1929 in Gerakari village. Gerakari is where I got married, Gerakari is where I raised my children. Not at the same house. I was born, raised and married at my father’s house and later on we made our own home, also in Gerakari.


I only went to Primary school. After this I didn’t continue, because the war came. My father had planned for ...

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submitted by Anna Cominos on 01.09.2016

RETURN TO THE VILLAGE- A Funny Story of Otherness




Where are we going? Where have we been?

The eternal existential questions are limitless. Comic sit-down storyteller, Anna Cominos

tackles these eternal questions and more in her new one-woman show RETURN TO THE VILLAGE,

from 27-30 September, at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre as part ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 16.02.2016

Building cultural identity through reading

The Weekend Neos Kosmos, (Melbourne)

Saturday 13th February 2016, Page 16

Author Melina Mallos has a winning formula for bringing children in touch with their cultural heritage that Cat while on holiday to her parents' birthplace


One can't think of the beautiful cobbled streets of the Greek islands without the meow of a cat springing ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 03.11.2015

Lefkada’s Hearn: Europe reclaims its literary ‘lost son’


OCT 10, 2015

Photograph:An age before Japan. Hearn lived with his Irish great-aunt during the 1850's

The Greek island of Lefkada, rising from the Ionian Sea south of Corfu, is famed for its white beaches and vertical cliffs from which the poet Sappho is said to have leaped ...

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submitted by Tess Robson on 20.09.2015

My Greek Grandfather, Samuel Donnes

My Grandfather Samuel Donnes/Antonatos, was born on Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, he was the son of Constantine/Constantinos Antonatos, on whom I have not been able to find information other than that he was a master mariner on Kefalonia.

My Grandfather Samuel came to Australia and the story below is taken from my family history.



The sea has offered Greek-Australians employment opportunities in a variety ...

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submitted by The Japan Times on 15.07.2015

Lafcadio Hearn’s timeless anthology of ghost tales

By Matt Treyvaud
Special to the JAPAN TIMES
July 11, 2015

What is it about “Kwaidan”? It wasn’t Lafcadio Hearn’s first take on Japanese ghost stories — it wasn't even his first such book whose title was a single Japanese word starting with “K” (“Kotto” was published two years earlier, in 1902). But it’s “Kwaidan” that still claims a place in literary history, even as its siblings among Hearn’s prodigious oeuvre recede into cult status.

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 26.05.2015

An Intellectual Journey Through Paris

John Poulos is inviting you to a launch of his book on 2pm Sunday on 21 June 2015 at Surfish Café Bondi Beach Pavilion Elizabeth Drive on Bondi Beach. If you are unable to attend but would like a copy you may contact Berkelouw, Abbeys, Gleebooks, Oscar and Friends at Double Bay or Lesley McKay’s book store, Spencer Street Woollahra or contact Johnny Poulos ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 21.05.2015

Ο Δαρβίνος στην Αθήνα

A review of Kytherian Maria Zarimis' book: Darwins Footprint.Cultural Perspectives on Evolution in Greece (1880-1930s)
Εκδόσεις CEU Press, 2015,
σελ. 340, τιμή 45 ευρώ

Μια νέα σημαντική προσέγγιση για τη διάχυση της θεωρίας της εξέλιξης στο ελληνικό λογοτεχνικό τοπίο του ...

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submitted by Ethnos Newspaper on 19.05.2015


ΕΘΝΟΣ «E» 17/5/2015

Μιλάει Ελληνικά και στηρίζει τις δράσεις της ομογένειας
Ο Τζορτζ Μίλερ γεννήθηκε στην πόλη Τσιντσίλα του Κουίνσλαντ, 3 Μαρτίου του 1945 με τον δίδυμο αδελφό του Γιάννη, ενώ η οικογένεια απέκτησε και άλλα δύο αγόρια, τον Χρήστο και τον Βασίλη.


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submitted by Hellenic War History on 09.05.2015

Dr Maria Hill speaks and is presented with an Award

Maria was invited to give a talk in Canberra on 29 April 2015, at the opening for the art exhibition called "Lemnos - the Greek dimension in the Anzac Centenary."

Maria made historical reference to Lemnos and its contribution to the Allied War effort during World War I.

The 'Lemnos' presentation was organised as part of the events for the Centenary of the Australian and New Zealand Expeditionary Corps, in the presence of diplomatic corps representatives, local media, ...

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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 07.03.2015

Jimmie Corones at the wheel of his first car in Wills Street, Charleville.

A photo taken about characters of the Queensland western regions - with their cars and trucks as they competed with the well-established coaches buggies and sulkies.

The photograph shows a youthful Jimmie Corones at the wheel of his first car in Wills Street, Charleville. It may not have been the first car in town, but by the look on his face he was surely proud of it. He is parked in front of a large billboard sign which ...

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submitted by Kytherian Christenings on 07.03.2015

Greek Christening in Wellington, NSW

The first Greek christening in Wellington took place last night, at the home of the child's parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Loupas, of the Kosciusko Cafe. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend Metrafanes, of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The little girl was christened Poppie, and Mr Emanuel Cassidy acted a Godfather to the child. The ceremony was a most interesting one, and attracted much interest amongst the Greek fraternity in the west; about 45 of whom attended, representatives being ...

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submitted by Good Weekend Magazine on 06.03.2015

Two of us: Kristina Olsson and Peter Preneas

Good Weekend

February 28, 2015

Photograph: Kristina Olsson with her brother, Peter Preneas, in Sydney.
Photo: Janie Barrettc


Website designer Peter Preneas, 66, was a baby when he was snatched by his father as his pregnant mother boarded a train in Cairns in 1950; they were finally reunited in Brisbane in 1985, when he was 35. His half-sister, author Kristina Olsson, ...

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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 23.02.2015

Jim Corones anecdote, mentioned in a speech in the Queensland Parliament

Speech by

Hansard 7 March 1990

Gregory is a vast electorate of approximately 430 000 square kilometres enveloping 12 local authorities that reflect the vast size of the electorate itself. Firstly, I mention my home town of Quilpie, which is almost 1 000 kilometres west of Brisbane and at the end of the great western railway line. It is the gateway to ...

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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 07.02.2015

James Corones

James (Jim) Corones was a colourful figure. His immaculate dress and noticeable charm marked him as different in the largely Anglo-Saxon bush township of Quilpie. He was born in Greece in 1895 and arrived in Australia in 1906. Eventually he joined his uncle and mentor, Harry Corones, who had established the Hotel Carones in Charleville. Jim made a huge impact on Quilpie by becoming joint owner with Harry of three hotels in the town. He arrived in Quilpie alone in 1921 but was soon joined by 20 year ...

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submitted by Thoroughbred News on 18.11.2014

Contract extension for V'landys

Thoroughbred News


The chief executive of Racing NSW Peter V’landys has had his contract extended by a further three years according to a report in on Monday. There was no formal announcement of the decision on the Racing NSW site as at early Monday morning.

The decision comes before the NSW Government announces if it will put legislation through the ...

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 17.11.2014

V'landys closes in on tax parity windfa

Sydney Morning Herald. 17th November, 2014.


Kytherian, Peter V'landys, is Racing NSW CEO.

Just days before the Racing NSW releases its strategic plan, chief executive Peter V'landys has had his contract extended for another three years.

V'landys is nothing if not determined, and it seems the racing warrior is headed for another big win, as tax parity from TAB wagering ...

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submitted by Herald Sun, Melbourne on 28.09.2014

George Souris to quit NSW parliament

Herald Sun

SEptember 28, 2014

FORMER NSW minister George Souris will not recontest the 2015 state election after being dumped from the front bench earlier this year.

THE announcement was widely expected after Mr Souris was demoted from the ministry by Premier Mike Baird in his April cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Souris, who served in the Greiner, Fahey and O'Farrell cabinets, will end his 27-year parliamentary career at the March general election.

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 09.09.2014

Nick Politis and Phil Gould put friendship before football

Nick Politis was born in the Patrikio Scholi in Karavas in 1942. He has a deep affection for Karavas, Ayia Pelagia, and Kythera generally. In 2014 he was awarded the Order of Australia.

Sydney Morning Herald, September 8, 2014

Rooster booster: Nick Politis. Photo: James Alcock

Phil Gould lost one of the first games he coached at the Roosters. In the wash-up, ...

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submitted by Kytherian Historical Record on 03.08.2014

Venardos Family Leaving Blackhall 1953

The Longreach leader, Friday 6th March, 1953, page 19

The Venardos family, who have conducted the Central Cafe in Blackhall for many years, will be leaving there shortly for Nambour, where they have purchased a picture theatre and dance hall. These are the Vogue Theatre and Diggers Hall, which are adjacent.

The purchase price is not disclosed but it is understood to be a large figure.

The move was ...