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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 10.09.2011

Writer Lafcadio Hearn Never Forgot His Greek Heritage or Culture

From suite

• May 29, 2011

• Kathy Warnes

[[picture:"Lafcadio Hearn Bronze.jpg" ID:19401]]

Lafcadio Hearn 18x12x11" Cast Bronze (Ed. of 9)
The Kenny Gallery

Lafcadio Hearn lost his mother as a child and led an erratic writer's life, but he finally found his roots in a combination of Japanese and Greek culture.

"It has been wisely observed by the greatest of modern thinkers that mankind ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 10.09.2011

A journey inside the mind of Lafcadio Hearn

The Japan Times

Friday, Nov. 5, 2010


One hundred and twenty years ago, Greek-Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn first arrived in Japan; in Matsue, a provincial backwater in Shimane Prefecture, he became Koizumi Yakumo — his adopted Japanese name. Enamored with the city's ancient and enduring culture, he married into a local samurai family: No wonder, then, that it was in Matsue that Hearn wrote his famous "Glimpses ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 10.09.2011

Article from "Ta Nea online" about Lafcadio Hearn

reknowned Japanese Kytherian author. (In Greek).

Download .pdf here:


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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 23.08.2011

Working Lunch. With Napoleon Perdis.

Culture magazine

When you have a name like ‘Napoleon’, people never forget you. So perhaps it was fate that this exuberant man was bestowed such a title by his parents, considering his incredible journey to become one of Australia’s leaders in the business of beauty. Napoleon Perdis’ remarkable personality combined with his inexhaustible energy are key to his success, and in a similar ...

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submitted by Good Weekend Magazine on 23.08.2011

The Getting of Wisdom. Lessons learnt from life.

[[picture:"Perdis The Getting of Wisdom.jpg" ID:19360]]

Good Weekend Magazine. 20th August, 2011. page 46.

Interview by Donna Walker-Mitchell.


the cosmetics king, 41, tells what he knows about...

His mum

Mum is my original muse. She’s nearly 70 and came from the island of Kythera, Greece. She would wear make-up, her dresses were custom-made and every season she would take us ...

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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 28.06.2011

Local Author Writes Again.....

[[picture:"Rene (Jim) Feros_2.JPG" ID:19261]]

Photograph: Ruby Brown Feros signing copies of George: his passion, at the Byron Bay book lauch, May 20th, 2011. Rene Feros, in the foreground.

Chris Plowman's APRIL Newsletter

Page 2. Issue 173, April 2011

Ruby M Brown has been one of my customers for many years. Ruby was one of my clients when I had the pharmacy at 140 Auburn Street. In more recent times Ruby has been a keen user of ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 28.06.2011

The ragamuffin who founded multimillion-dollar aged care empire

[[picture:"_MG_7752.jpg" ID:19259]]

Photograph: The beautifully appointed Feros Care facility, at Bangalow, northern, NSW.

Northern Star

28th May 20th

Jennie Dell

Contact Jennie, by email

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submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 28.06.2011

George Feros book tells of Byron Bays past history

[[picture:"Ruby & justine_2.JPG" ID:19257]]

Photograph: Member for Richmond, Justine Elliot, with Ruby M Feros at the book launch. Friday 20th May, 2011.

Byron Shire Echo.

Another piece of local history has been published – author Ruby M Feros, daughter of George Feros, has just penned a book about her father, entitled George: his passion.

George was a well regarded identity who worked tirelessly ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 28.06.2011

Life with George a time of laughter and tears

[[picture:"Dinner_Ruby & Colin.JPG" ID:19255]]

Photograph: Ruby Feros with an old Byron Bay schoolmate Col Hadwell at a dinner held after the launch of her book, George: his passion, at Feros Care, Byron Bay, NSW, 20th May, 2011.

By Gary Chigwidden

Byron Shire News, May 26, 2011. page 4.

A time of laughter and tears. That's how Ruby Feros described life with her father George, an eccentric trailblazer who spent 25 years raising funds ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 08.06.2011

The other life of Vasils Kailas. Η άλλη ζωή του Βασίλη Καΐλα

Watch cinematic performances of Vasilis Kailas at:

This article originally published at:

Εμεινε στην ιστορία ως το παιδί-θαύμα του ελληνικού κινηματογράφου. Και όσο και αν άλλαξε, παραμένει ακόμη ένα άδολο «παιδί» ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Award to George Miller, film producer, from the Union of Ionian Islands

[[picture:"George Miller.jpg" ID:19164]]

Download a .pdf "report" of the Eptanesian Award to George Miller here:


Βραβείο στον Γιώργο Μηλιώτη - George Miller από την Ένωση Επτανησίων Η Ένωση Επτανησίων Ελλάδας, στο πλαίσιο βράβευσης σημαντικών προσωπικοτήτων ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Award to Kytherian actor Vasilis Kailas from the Union of Ionian Islands

[[picture:"Vasilis Kailas receiving award.jpg" ID:19166]]

Vasilis Kailas receiving his Eptanesian award

Upload the Eptanesian "report" and biography (in Greek) as a .pdf, here:


Upload another brief "report" and biography (in Greek) as a .pdf, here:

VASILIS_KAILAS_biography.pdf ...

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submitted by Angelos Grammenos on 11.06.2011

Another significant award for Professor Nikos Petrochilos

[[picture:"Nikos Petrochilos speaks to his award.jpg" ID:19165]]

Nikos Petrochilos accepting his Eptanesian Award

Download a .pdf of the "report" re: Eptanesian award to Professor Nikos Petrochilos, here:


The Union of Ionian (Seven) Islands, on 29th May 2011, at 6:00 pm, in the Old Parliament House, Syntagma Square, ...

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submitted by Kytherian World Heritage Fund on 08.03.2011

George, his passion, at the National Library, Canberra

[[picture:"National Library Legal deposit PHOTO 1.jpg" ID:18710]]

Ruby brown places George his passion on deposit at the National Library, Canberra, accompanied by her niece, Lauren Brown, (right) who is volunteers coordinator National Library. The third woman, is part of the legal deposit team at the Library.

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submitted by George Poulos on 02.02.2011

Ruby Brown Feros's, love devotion and surrender

in writing the book, George, his passion

George, his passion

Purchase the book here

[[picture:"George Wrap-around cover s.jpg" ...

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submitted by Newcastle Herald on 10.01.2011

A Bite for Sore Eyes

Newcastle Herald, Weekender

Hunter-raised opthalmologist Minas Coroneo can see bountiful health benefits in the Mediterranean diet, writes NEIL JAMESON.

Download a .pdf version of the article here:


In 2000, Minas Coroneo’s passion for public health caused him to stage an unusual protest. The ...

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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 19.12.2010

Kyria Janoula from Platia Ammos by Jean Bingen

My acquaintance with Kyria Janoula goes back to summer 1962 when I, as a technical student, worked for Mr. Koksma’s World Council of Churches Team at Kythera. She and her husband were the proud owners of Ameriali in Karavas. As I was working in Diakopoulianika for the new municipality water system I was allowed to have my lunch at their place. Also in weekends when there was a party my fellow team members and I went there to dance and enjoy the wine and mezedes. One year later in August being ...

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submitted by Greekshops .com on 10.12.2010

Vic and Jack Castrission & the Niagara café in Gundagai.

Vic and Jack Castrission owned the Niagara from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. In the early days it was hailed as “one of the finest cafes in the country” and, following the opening ceremony by the Hon W.F.M. Ross MLA in 1938, the brothers donated the day’s gross takings to the Gundagai Hospital.

In 1942, just after midnight, Jack was locking up when there was a knock at the door. He opened it, prepared to tell an unwelcome visitor where to go, to discover Prime Minister John ...

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submitted by Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia on 10.12.2010

Manuel Aroney

Professor Manuel Aroney has his own WIKI entry, largely it would seem on the back of the entries in

Accessed Dec, 2010

Manuel James Aroney AM, OBE , is an Australian academic and human rights advocate.

Aroney is the only child of Dimitrios and Stamatina Aronis (Aroney) who both were born in Aroniadika, Kythera, Greece. They met up again in Sydney, married in 1926 in Townsville and then opened the Central Cafe in Mackay, ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 12.04.2010

France honours Greek –Australian director George Miller

Sydney, 10.03.2010

[[picture:"George Miller.jpg" ID:17507]]

Honoured: Oscar-winning director George Miller. (Getty Images: Lucas Dawson )

Director George Miller was awarded France’s most prestigious artistic award, the Order of Arts and Letters. Miller received the award, known in France as Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, by French ambassador to Australia Michel Filhol at the opening of the French Film Festival in Sydney on Tuesday night.