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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 06.05.2013

Masaaki Noda. It was through Takis Efstathiou that he became involved with Lafcadio Hearn.

The Spirit of Hermes sculpture at the Art Forum Gallery in Thessaloniki

Masaaki first met Lafcadio Hearn's grandson, Bon Koizumi at the Matsue Muesum, in Japan on July 5th 1996.

[[picture:"Hearn Noda Matue 1996_1A.jpg" ID:21349]]

Masaaki Noda, Takis Efstathiou and Bon Koizumi, matsue Museum, 1996

Takis Efstathiou ...

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submitted by Courier Mail, Brisbane on 13.04.2013

Our Greeks have kin on Kythera

Courier-Mail 8th June, 1972, page 2

Alan Underwood, who has just visited Greece on the inaugural Sydney-Athens flight of Olympic Airways, found an island that seemed largely populated with relatives of Queensland Greeks…

Alex Freeleagus, Greece's Aussie-born Consul in Queensland — might have told me before we landed on the Island of Kythera. This lonely, 14-miles-long mass of ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 09.04.2013

Masaaki Noda.

Artistic Resume

1949 - Born, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan

1969 -1972 - Osaka University of Arts, Osaka
1977- Left Japan for New York City
1977-1980 - The Art Students League of New York

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1982 - ACWLP Gallery, New York, NY - Kew Gallery, New York, NY
1982, 1985 - Miriam Per Iman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1984, 1985 ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 05.04.2013

Takis Efstathiou. Art Collector.

Τακης Ευσαθιου

Συλλεκτης Εργων Τεχνης

Download the full article, (in Greek) as a .pdf here:

Hearn Takis Efsathiou Art Collector.pdf

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submitted by Kiriaki Orfanos on 05.04.2013

Mr. Ioannis Hlentzos

Mr. Ioannis Hlentzos/Chlentzos

Mr. Ioannis Hlentzos was a chef who lived and worked for Theodore Mavrommattes in the New York Cafe, Nowra, until 1966. Prior to that he had worked for Theodore Pascalis and Ioannis Polyzois in the Spot Cafe in Wollongong. He was the son of George Chlentzos and Stamatiki Kyriakos Combis. His four siblings were Theodore, Vasiliki, Theano and Zoe Skiadas. I don’t have any other details about him at present, but if anyone reading this story can tell me ...

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submitted by John Sourrys on 27.03.2013

Greek and Kytherian fighting folklore

Did you ever hear of a Peter Potiri from Kythera? Here is a bit of folk lore. A Ron Cann from Hughenden had a rep as a fighter and he offered (to fight) Peter outside at the Grand Hotel. Everybody felt sorry for the poor Greek. They reckoned he was on a hiding to nothing. Peter however could fight. He was very quick with both his fists and his footwork. He gave Ron Cann a beating. The shearers used to treat Peter warily after that.

My father told the story of a Greek who came out ...

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submitted by Herbert River Express on 05.02.2013

Montana Lower has received national recognition for excellence in a range of fields

Sky’s the limit for Montana

Download a copy of the Herbert River Express article here:

Montana Lower Full article.pdf

Former Ingham State High School student Montana Lower is still beaming after winning the school’s 2012 Caltex Best All Rounder Award, one of Australia’s most prestigious secondary school prizes.

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submitted by George N Leontsinis on 20.01.2013

Celebration of the Life and Work of Professor Manuel Aroney

Delivered at the 11th Biennial Conference of the Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand .

It is with great pleasure that I participate in the 11th Biennial Conference of the Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand. I would like to express my thanks to the Conference organizing committee, and especially Professor Vrasidas Karalis, for inviting ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 16.12.2012

Λευκάδιος Χερν – Ο ελληνοϊρλανδός συγγραφέας των τριών ηπείρων

Η Ευρώπη τον εγέννησε, η Ασία τον εδημιούργησε ως λογοτέχνη περιωπής και η Αμερική τον ανέδειξε


Levkathitika Nea

From a photograph taken of Lafcadio Hearn, 1889

ΓΙΟΣ ΙΡΛΑΝΔΟΥ, ενός στρατιωτικού γιατρού που υπηρετούσε ...

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submitted by The Age, Melbourne on 14.12.2012

To Crete with love: a thank-you for bonds forged in war

The Age, Melbourne, December 14, 2012

Annabel Ross


Leslie Manning, 99, meets Glenda Hume, the daughter of Aboriginal Digger Reg Saunders. The two men fought together in Crete. Photo: Joe Armao

''I'VE GOT a lot of kisses for this man,'' says Glenda Hume, planting another one on Leslie Manning's cheek. Ms Hume is the ...

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submitted by The Age, Melbourne on 09.12.2012

In the footsteps of our father

The Age, November 20, 2010

Mike Sweet

"I wanted to ring that bell to let him know we're here." GLENDA HUMES, eldest living daughter of Reg Saunders.

Last month, the family of Australia's most celebrated Aboriginal soldier travelled to Greece to walk in his footsteps.

AS THE European ...

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submitted by Australian Broadcasting Corporation on 09.12.2012

The Battle of 42nd Street, Crete, and Captain Reg Saunders

The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, the Kytherian Association of Australia, and have fostered the work of Maria Hill and others in uncovering details about the Anzac campaign in Greece and Crete during WWII, particularly through Maria Hills exhaustive study - Diggers and Greeks. The extraordinary relationships that developed out of this encounter between Greeks and Australians have endured over two generations, and continue to be maintained.

This story of an ...

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submitted by The Japan Times on 21.11.2012

A journey inside the mind of Lafcadio Hearn

The Japan Times

Friday, Nov. 5, 2010


Special to The Japan Times

One hundred and twenty years ago, Greek-Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn first arrived in Japan; in Matsue, a provincial backwater in Shimane Prefecture, he became Koizumi Yakumo — his adopted Japanese name. Enamored with the city's ancient and enduring culture, he married into a local samurai family: No wonder, then, that it was in Matsue ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 15.11.2012

Old Greek Fragments. An essay by Lafcadio Hearn

Title: Old Greek Fragments

Author: Lafcadio Hearn

The other day when we were reading some of the poems in "Ionica," I promised to speak in another short essay of Theocritus and his songs or idyls of Greek peasant life, but in speaking of him it will be well also to speak of others who equally illustrate the fact that everywhere there is truth and beauty for the mind that can see. I spoke last week about what I thought the highest possible kind of literary art might ...

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submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 14.11.2012

A recent email from Ted (Theodore) Panaretos, USA 5-11-12

Quiet day looking over some old Emails. My name is Theodore Panaretos, son of Minas Panaretos. My Grandfather, Theodore had children, Panagiotis, Alexandros, Minas, Aspacia, Maria, and Eleni. Granmother Anthe had lost a child upon leaving Smyrna during the Catastophe.
I recall at the age of 12 or 14 being with my Grandfather at his death. I was born in 1928. I recall that they had put vedouses on his back to try and help him. Did not work --he passed. I had looked at the chart and found a ...

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submitted by Sunday Telegraph on 01.11.2012

My mystery rash was a cancer

Sunday Telegraph 28th October, 2012

Page 26


Breast cancer sufferer Patricia Samios is lucky to be alive after her GP and oncologist missed numerous chances to diagnose the deadly disease.

After noticing a rash on her left breast in January the 46-year-old visited her doctor a week later when her condition didn't improve.

"The doctor ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 26.10.2012

Lafcadio Hearn's great-grandson Bon Koizumi visits New Orleans author's apartment

Bon Koizumi poses with a portrait of his great-grandfather, Lafcadio Hearn. (Photo by Doug MacCash / The Times-Picayune. )

By Doug MacCash,
The Times-Picayune (Newspaper_ - Greater New Orleans
on October 19, 2012

Lafcadio Hearn’s great-grandson Bon Koizumi said that he was “moved” by his visit to the Cleveland ...

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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 14.10.2012

Perivolaris, Anna (1888–1963)

In the time she lived in Sydney, Anna Perivolaris taught many Kytherian children - Ed

by John N. Yiannakis

Anna Perivolaris (c.1888-1963), schoolteacher, was born about 1888 on the island of Samos, Greece, daughter of Constantine Christodoulis, artist, and his wife Anthea, née Chrysakis. Anna arrived with her family at Port Said, Egypt, probably in 1903. There she married John Boreas in 1912; they were to have three children. In the same city in 1917, as a widow, ...

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 03.10.2012

Article about the Kwaidan exhibition held in Japan

Yet another tribute to Lafcadio Hearn.

As reported in an article in Yaizu.

The exhibition was organised by Takis Efstathiou.

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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 24.07.2012

Paul Theodore

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius

This one particular journey started for a young Kytherian boy Paul Theodore when he stepped on board a plane bound for Australia. The world war one twin engine bomber had been converted into a handy passenger plane, and had the capacity to hold approximately nineteen people including pilots.

With nothing but the clothes on his back and a bag ...