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22209:People > Life Stories

submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 14.04.2014

Peter Clary Castrission OAM

A rare breed of individual: altruistic in a world where self-interested
ambitions are often prized and admired. His determination to succeed
and his compassion for his fellow man are indeed exceptional traits

[[picture:"Clary Castrission.jpg" ID:22211]]

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Clary Castrssion.pdf

In the Australia Day ...

22125:People > Life Stories

submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 27.02.2014

Peter V'landys honoured with an OM on Australia Day

Peter was one of three Kytherians honoured on Australia Day, 2014. The others were Angelo Notaras, and Clary Castrission

Kudos flows to Peter V'landys, the man who got bookies to pay their way

Sydney Morning Herald

January 26, 2014

Andrew Webster
Chief Sports Writer, The Sydney Morning Herald

This tough guy in a tie hasn't forgotten where he came from.

[[picture:"Peter-V-landys-smh.jpg" ID:22126]]

22090:People > Life Stories

submitted by SBS Radio on 10.02.2014

Angelo Notaras interviewed on the occasion of receiving the Order of Australia medal

Listen to the interview, spoken in English and translated into Greek, here:

Angelo Notaras interview on SBS.mp3

or, here

View / download a more extensive article about Angelo Notaras from the Kytherian Association of Australia, Newsletter, here:

22084:People > Life Stories

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 10.02.2014

Six Greek Australians took out Australia Day awards

Powerful and everyday heroes honoured

Neos Kosmos Melbourne

30 Jan 2014


From Australia's most powerful Greeks to local heroes, the Australia Day awards have honoured six great Greek Australians for their outstanding work in the community.
Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical and the advisor to former American President Bill Clinton has been honoured for his "distinguished service to international business ...

22082:People > Life Stories

submitted by The Daily Examiner, Grafton on 10.02.2014

Calling Australia home was a lucky move for Greek son

Grafton Examiner
27th Jan 2014

[[picture:"image.jpg" ID:22083]]

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Spiro and Angelo Notaras look out into one of the newly built smaller cinemas - at the Saraton Theatre. PHOTO: ADAM HOURIGAN

BUSINESSMAN, inventor, banana farmer, cinema owner, fundraiser - Angelo Notaras wears many hats and they all seem to fit comfortably.

His lifetime of achievement has been recognised with the Medal of the Order of Australia ...

22057:People > Life Stories

submitted by John Minchin on 29.01.2014

Stathis family from Keramouto

Panagiotis Giorgos Stathis was born in Keramoto on the island of Kythera, Greece on 24th October 1891. His father Giorgios was a priest at a church in Keramouto.

In 1909 Panayiotis migrated to Australia, arriving in Sydney on 22nd May. He was only 18 years old.
He changed his name from Panagiotis to Peter , and commenced working for Mr Z Cominos in Pitt St Sydney. In 1910 he ventured away from the city to work for Mr G Potiri at Walcha. Then to Brisbane to work for the Frigilis ...

22004:People > Life Stories

submitted by BBC, Great Britain on 05.01.2014

The island of Aphrodite’s ancestors

BBC Travel

4 January 2014
IN Greece History

by Katherine LaGrave

In 2004, Albert Blok closed his eyes and randomly pointed to a spot on a map, determined to spend his next holiday wherever his finger landed. He’d never heard of Cythera, a tiny Greek island northwest of Crete, but after visiting, he was smitten.

“It keeps revealing new secrets to us,” said Blok, who ended up emigrating to Cythera from the Netherlands ...

21804:People > Life Stories

submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 28.10.2013

The granddaddy of all milk bar shake-ups

After Emmanuel Benardos opened Bernie's Diner in Moss Vale in 1925, the governor-general popped in for a milkshake. He soon became a regular.

On the first weekend of March, 2013, Benardos' grandson, Ioannis, reopened Bernie's, part of a new local movement reinventing milk bars and diners. He serves the same milkshake his grandfather did. ''We've got the original syrup recipe, no preservatives, fresh ingredients and organic sugar,'' Benardos says.

Part of the new breed ...

21775:People > Life Stories

submitted by O Kosmos on 21.10.2013

Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra presents a tribute to Helen Zerefos OAM

O Kosmos. Thursday 25 August 2011, page 21

View / dowload a .pdf version of this entry here:

Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra tribute.pdf

Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra Presents a tribute to Helen Zerefos
OAM, 8:00 pm on Saturday, 3 Sep 2011, at Sutherland Entertainment
Centre Eton Street, Sutherland. Conductor Sven Libaek will lead the orchestra ...

21774:People > Life Stories

submitted by Saint George Leader on 21.10.2013

Soprano Helen Zerefos hailed for charitable work

By Murray Trembath

St George Leader. July 13, 2012

It has been an amazing journey for performer Helen Zerefos.

As a teenager in the 1960s, she worked in her parents' Sylvania hamburger shop, now known as Paul's Famous Hamburgers, while singing on TV.

Today, the coloratura soprano, who still lives in that suburb, continues a hectic schedule of performances, many of them to raise funds for charity.

The NSW Parliament became ...

21741:People > Life Stories

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 03.10.2013

A Greek Soldier is Buried

A Greek Soldier is Buried

(From “The Hillston Spectator and Lachlan Advertiser,” Thursday 21 June 1945)
We take the following from the Lithgow “Clarion” of 1st May 1945:-
“The funeral of late Mr. Simon Cordato, aged 65, of Main Street, Katoomba was held on Sunday afternoon. The service of the Greek Orthodox Church was held in St. Hilda’s Church of England by Rev. B. Christomes of Sydney.
Almost one hundred of the Greek Community were present, and followed ...

21731:People > Life Stories

submitted by Australian Financial Review on 01.10.2013

To Draw is to See. Article in,

The Australian Financial Review Magazine. pp. 48-52.

October Magazine. Friday 27th October, 2013

Drawing is a crucial tool in an architect’s kit, but it’s use goes way beyond drafting building plans. Six (prominent Australian) architects tell Katrina Strickland when and where they sketch – and how much it means to them.

One of the 6 Australian architects chosen to comment was Kytherian architect.....

Eva-Marie Prineas

21725:People > Life Stories

submitted by Peter Makarthis on 28.09.2013

Alexander Spyridon Phacheas (Fatseas)

Alexander Spyridon Fatseas (ΦΑΤΣΕΑΣ)
‘and thereby hangs a tale’ or two.
(apologies to William Shakespeare and Jeffrey Archer)

Born Fatsadika Kythera, Greece, 5 May 1888.
Alexander Phacheas (ΦΑΤΣΕΑΣ) arrived at Fremantle Western Australia as ‘Phacheas,’ together with uncles, John (Ioannes), George and Peter (Panayiotis) aboard NDL Fredrich der Grosse, 27 December, 1901.

John Phacheas was accompanied by his wife, Marie (nee Pasquale) ...

21505:People > Life Stories

submitted by George N Leontsinis on 29.06.2013

Γεώργιος Ν. Λεοντσίνης

Ο Γεώργιος Ν. Λεοντσίνης είναι Ομότιμος Καθηγητής του Εθνικού και Καποδιστριακού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών. Γεννήθηκε στα Κύθηρα. Είναι έγγαμος με την Καθηγήτρια Φιλοσοφίας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών Αθανασία-Ευαγγελία Γλυκοφρύδη και έχουν αποκτήσει δύο κόρες, την Ελένη και τη ...

21485:People > Life Stories

submitted by Neos Kosmos, Melbourne on 19.06.2013

Humble beginnings paved the way for Greek Australian Fashion Star Nikki Poulos

Neos Kosmos, 31 May 2013


Daydream believer

[[picture:"Nikki Poulos.jpg" ID:21486]]

Bold and bright: Nikki Poulos' (seated) signature style.
Photo: HSN.

"There is a certain free-spirited and organic nature in my creative process which believe is a reflection of my Greekness."

Greek Australian fashion designer Nikki Poulos shot to fame after appearing in the first season of US hit reality ...

21443:People > Life Stories

submitted by Kytherian Newsflash on 21.05.2013

Angelo and John Notaras of Atom Industries are awarded another two gold medals at the

Salon international des inventions de Genève - the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

This year the Exhibition was held from the 10th April 2013 until the 14th April 2013.

[[picture:"sc0001A.jpg" ID:21445]]

Photograph: Angelo Notaras demonstrating the capabilities of a previous award winning hand held implement.

Each Gold Medal won by Atom Industries was ...

21315:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 06.05.2013

Masaaki Noda. It was through Takis Efstathiou that he became involved with Lafcadio Hearn.

[[picture:"Hearn Noda The Spirit of Hermes 120cm at Art Forum Gallery in Thessaloniki 1.jpg" ID:21316]]

The Spirit of Hermes sculpture at the Art Forum Gallery in Thessaloniki

Masaaki first met Lafcadio Hearn's grandson, Bon Koizumi at the Matsue Muesum, in Japan on July 5th 1996.

[[picture:"Hearn Noda Matue 1996_1A.jpg" ID:21349]]

Masaaki Noda, Takis Efstathiou and Bon Koizumi, matsue Museum, 1996

Takis Efstathiou ...

21198:People > Life Stories

submitted by Courier Mail, Brisbane on 13.04.2013

Our Greeks have kin on Kythera

[[picture:"Our Greeks have kin on Kythera s.jpg" ID:21199]]

Courier-Mail 8th June, 1972, page 2

Alan Underwood, who has just visited Greece on the inaugural Sydney-Athens flight of Olympic Airways, found an island that seemed largely populated with relatives of Queensland Greeks…

Alex Freeleagus, Greece's Aussie-born Consul in Queensland — might have told me before we landed on the Island of Kythera. This lonely, 14-miles-long mass of ...

21186:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 09.04.2013

Masaaki Noda.

[[picture:"Noda crfeating sculpture.jpg" ID:21187]]

Artistic Resume

1949 - Born, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan

1969 -1972 - Osaka University of Arts, Osaka
1977- Left Japan for New York City
1977-1980 - The Art Students League of New York

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1982 - ACWLP Gallery, New York, NY - Kew Gallery, New York, NY
1982, 1985 - Miriam Per Iman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1984, 1985 ...

21165:People > Life Stories

submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 05.04.2013

Takis Efstathiou. Art Collector.

[[picture:"Hearn Takis Efsathiou Art Collector.jpg" ID:21166]]

Τακης Ευσαθιου

Συλλεκτης Εργων Τεχνης

Download the full article, (in Greek) as a .pdf here:

Hearn Takis Efsathiou Art Collector.pdf