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submitted by John Carras on 21.05.2007

Katerina Mageros turns 100.

Na mus Hillyossi!

Down load .pdf overview here:

100 Katerina Mageros.pdf

Download article in the Neos Kosmos, Melbourne, here:

100 years Mageros Katerina Neos Kosmos article.pdf

Katerina ...

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submitted by Australian Dictionary Of Biography on 01.05.2007

Corones, Haralambos (Harry) (1883 - 1972).

17 September 1883, Kythera, Greece

22 March 1972, Charleville, Queensland, Australia

CORONES, HARALAMBOS (HARRY) (1883-1972), hotelier and businessman, was born on 17 September 1883 at Kithira, Greece, son of Panayiotis Coroneos, fisherman, and his wife Stamatea, née Freeleagus. From 1904 to 1906 Harry completed national service as a first-aid orderly. Having unsuccessfully applied to enter the United States of America, he emigrated ...

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submitted by DAILY TELEGRAPH on 05.04.2007

Costello has happy Oscar moment. A meeting with Kytherian Film Director, George Miller.

Daily Telegraph, Sydney.

3rd April, 2007

The happy feet of film director George Miller strode into the Melbourne office of Federal Treasurer Peter Costello today, and Miller brought a friend along – a little fellow called Oscar.

Miller visited Mr Costello to thank him for the Government's support of the Australian film industry, which allowed him to produce his hit movie about dancing penguins, Happy Feet.

Happy Feet ...

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submitted by George Poulos on 29.04.2007

Helen Aroney's (Kamari) selfless act.

Eleni Aroney Camaris 1997

It is an absolute honour and privilege to be both an Administrator and Editor of

I have thoroughly enjoyed the "work" I have undertaken at kythera-family, and the wonderful Kytherians and Philokytherians, (and "lost" members of my family), that I have met through the web-site.

kythera-family is an eternal delight. ...

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 15.03.2007

Max will be heading back - after a few detours

Sydney Morning Herald. Thursday March 15, 2007. Page 3.

Mad Max is set to reach the screen again … but not just yet.

The director George Miller, who made his name with the Mad Max trilogy, confirmed yesterday that he still plans to make a fourth instalment. "If the fates allow, I definitely will," he said at his first Australian film industry appearance since winning an Oscar for Happy Feet last month.

Before making the celebrated ...

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submitted by DAILY TELEGRAPH on 01.03.2007

It's all yours, Mum. Superstitious director hands over Oscar.

Win ... Miller in Los Angeles yesterday.


Daily Telegraph, Wednesday February 28th, 2007. p. 9.

Happy Feet director George Miller has spent a lifetime trying to win an Oscar — and now he is going to give it away.
As soon as he arrives back in Sydney, Miller plans to give the Oscar to his 86-year-old ...

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submitted by Adelaide Advertiser on 27.02.2007

Happy Feet steps up

George Miller at the Oscars. Oscar & Penguin in hand.

February 26, 2007

There was joy for George Miller but disappointment for fellow Aussie Cate Blanchett at today's Academy Award ceremony. And, as expected, Britain's Helen Mirren took the Best Actress Oscar.
Miller's Happy Feet won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at today's Academy ...

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submitted by Odyssey Magazine on 26.02.2007

Benakis Antonis observing a case which contains ancient greek jewelry. 1940-1950. Benaki Museum Historical Archives.

The Benaki Legacy

Odyssey Magazine.

January/February 2006. pp. 48-50

Antonis Benakis bequeathed more than his impressive art collection to Greece: he established an institution that symbolizes the idealism, romance, and generosity of the diaspora Greeks.

Athena Vorillas

His pockets were rich: filled with treasures ...

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submitted by The Chronicle Of Higher Education on 17.02.2007

Patricia A. Georgopoulos.


5,455 Brains and Counting


Belmont, Mass. USA.

The phone has been ringing all morning on Patricia A. Georgopoulos's desk, but the most important call comes around 10 a.m. "Samuel Curry. What time did he die?" she asks. "What's his diagnosis?"

Ms. Georgopoulos is the administrative coordinator for the world's largest brain bank, located at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric teaching facility ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 14.02.2007

Aussie Oscar hopefuls wait.

By Peter Mitchell

in Los Angeles

January 22, 2007
Article from: AAP

Will the dancing penguins avenge their Golden Globes loss and will Cate Blanchett earn her second Oscar in three years?

Has enough time passed for the Academy to forgive Mel Gibson for his racial slurs?

Hey, it snowed in Malibu the other day proving anything can happen in Tinseltown.

Early on Wednesday (AEDT), the Academy of Motion ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 13.02.2007

Happy Meet. [George Millers creative influence].

David Poland

The Hot Button

February 12, 2007

What are the odds that two filmmakers, best known for their work on action/fantasy films, would bring up the significance of quantum physics on storytelling in the same 32 hours? But I had the good fortune of hearing it from both George Miller and Guillermo del Toro last Tuesday/Wednesday.

I also had the good ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 13.02.2007

Antarctic trip inspires 'Happy Feet'.

Producers with the noms: Doug Mitchell, George Miller, Bill Miller


In 1998, Bill Miller left the west coast of Australia with renowned expedition leader Howard Whelan and spent two weeks on an often stormy sea before arriving in Antarctica. One of his first experiences on the frozen continent was being dropped off by helicopter into an Emperor penguin rookery.
Miller saw baby chicks running about and smaller-sized penguins in the mix, which, ...

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submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 06.08.2007

Emmanuel George Andronicos - Found after ninety-four years

We always knew that our grandfather had an older brother, Emmanuel who had lived and worked somewhere in New South Wales early last century. Because grandfather died in 1948, many years before my interest in family history began, all of this vital information literally went with him to the grave.

My mother Rene (formerly Andronicos) remembered place names in association with her uncle, Casino, Kyogle and Coonamble, but nothing came of our enquiries with the respective local councils ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cinema Review on 05.02.2007

Meeting George Miller.

A happy story in film

Kim Shaw

Wentworth Courier, 31st Jan, 2007.

Throw on your penguin suit and wad­dle along to Popcorn Taxi’s first event of the year; a forum with Mr Happy Feet himself, George Miller.

For eight years the crew at Popcorn Taxi has been showing films and in­viting their makers to talk about their work before a captive audience.

After a move from the Valhalla Cinema in ...

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submitted by Belyando Shire Council on 05.02.2007

Peter Freeleagus.

Mayor - Belyando Shire - elected March 2004

First elected to council in March 1997. Appointed Deputy Mayor in 2000 and appointed Mayor in August 2003.

Council appointed committees: Belyando Shire Tourism Committee; Belyando Shire Counter Disaster Committee; Belyando Shire Locust Committee; Nebo/Broadsound & Isaac/Connors Land & Irrigation Study Stakeholders Group; Southern Desert ...

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submitted by Gaye Hegeman on 09.02.2007

Jim Panos - (Zacharias Panarettos)

The first member of Jim’s family, who ventured to a new life in Australia, was his father Andy (Anargrios) Panarettos. The exact date of his arrival is not known, but he came in the late 1800’s, before the turn of the century. He owned a cafe in partnership with his brother at Gunedah in New South Wales and after more than five years of residence, was naturalized in 1905.

Not long after his naturalization, Andy who by this time was over thirty years of age, returned to ...

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submitted by Sydney Morning Herald on 04.01.2007

Collectors a portrait of philanthropy.

Sydney Morning Herald

June 17, 2004

Photograph: Logic will prevail ... collectors Ray Wilson, left, and James Agapitos with some of their works. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

A significant collection of Australian surrealist art is about to find a home, writes Steve Meacham.

James Agapitos tells a delicious story against himself. When he began collecting, ...

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submitted by Jean Michaelides on 22.12.2006

Investiture of Sir Nicholas Laurantus. Government House Canberra. 22nd August, 1979.

In 1974, on the recommendation of the Archbishop, Nicholas Laurantus was made an Archon of the Greek Orthodox Church in recognition of his many gifts to his birthplace, Kythera, to St Basil’s Homes for the Aged, and to the University of Sydney. The ceremony took place in the Archdiocesan church at Redfern one Sunday evening. The Archbishop, officiating, placed the plain black robe over Nicholas’ ...

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submitted by Vikki Londy on 29.12.2006

Peter Aroney ( Panagiotis Nicolaou Koomesopoulos) – an autobiography edited by Denis A. Conomos


In the first half of the 20th century, the largest group within the Greek community in Queensland were the Kytherians. They played a vital role in the formation and leadership of Greek communities in Brisbane and provincial centres throughout the state, the securing of a priest for Brisbane and the erection of the first Greek church in Brisbane. From 1919 until his death in 1957, the Greek Consul in Brisbane was the Kytherian, Christy Freeleagus. Most of the enterprising ...

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submitted by Kytherian Newsletter Sydney on 09.11.2006

Andrew Peter Sourry.

From The Kytherian,
Newletter of the Kytherian Association of Australia,
March 2001.
pp. 8-9.

On Australia Day, 2001, Andrew Sourry was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia, for his services to the environment.

Both of Andrew’s parents were born in Kythera. His father, Panayioti Souris, was from Agia Anastasia and his mother, Marika Coroneo, was from Potamos.

Panayioti came to Australia in ...